US General tool box review [ series 2] [72 inches]

In today’s world, tools are arranged and kept in tool boxes which come in different sizes and shapes. There are many companies which manufacture tool boxes and today we are going to talk about US General which is one of the leading producers of tool boxes. In this US General tool box review, the model we are talking about is 64167 which is best selling one.

This tool box is a very sturdy product which can hold a good amount of tools in the box. The box measures around 72 x 22 in which is quite big in size and has wheels where the box can be moved easily from one place to another. It has a capacity of about 29,500 which is one of the best cheap tool box in the market. Let’s discuss further and review the product in detail as follows.

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  • Rugged all-steel construction with precision welding
  • Industrial high-gloss powder coat finish
  • Heavy duty ball bearings for smooth sliding drawers

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  • 18 drawers
  • 29500 of volume
  • Good capacity
  • Only 90 days warranty
  • High priced

US general 72 inch tool box review

US general tool box is a versatile one which will help you to store many tools safely.

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Tool Box comparison


The volume is the one which decides how many items can one load into the box and 64167 tool box does have a good volume to store the tools of varying sizes. Volume is the one which is important to be considered when consumers think about buying rolling tool boxes. 

The US General series 2 has a volume capacity of around 29,500 which is one of the best capacities available in the market. The volume it offers is really good to store heavy duty tools which are often required by the users to complete their work. The rolling tool box is quite easy to maneuver around the workplace which is an added advantage to the volume it offers.


For a tool box, the no of drawers is very important as users generally require more drawers to store their tools. US General also takes care of the same and has delivered a good product with a good number of drawers. The drawers come in varying sizes to store small, medium and big tools accordingly. 

US General 64167 is made up of 18 drawers which is good considering the demand for more drawers to be added in the previous models. With keeping this in mind US General increased the number of drawers in the current model 64167. The drawers are of varying sizes and each drawer is built in such a way that the tools or different sizes could easily fit into the drawers.



Weight of a product also is crucial as ultimately it is the user which is going to use the product. If the weight of the product is bulky then it becomes difficult for the user to move the tool box which would already be loaded with the tools that are to be used. With the tool box and in addition the tool weight the user may feel fatigue to move the tool box.

The weight of the US General series 2 model is around 528lb which is bulky in nature. The 64167 model is bulky as it has more number of drawers in the tool box. The device is made up of steel which adds to the bulkiness of the product. Also with use of steel material the life of the product is increased but also leads to erosion of the device if not handled correctly.

Steel is generally preferred to manufacture tool boxes all around the world. Steel is quite sturdy in nature and is also a strong material which is effective. Hence the US General has done the right thing in using steel in the model 64167.

Product dimensions:

Every product that is purchased is made up of a size that could fit the user’s needs. Similarly roller cabinet tool boxes come in different sizes that suit the consumer needs. US General has come up with a good model 64167 which has dimensions that are preferred by the consumer with different needs. 

US General series 2 has a product length of approximately 76 ⅜ in and a product width of 22 ⅜ in. The total size of the tool box is around 72 inches. This is a really good dimension where the consumer can store a huge number of tools and also other stuff if required. The tool box is a roller cabinet one which can be easily maneuvered around with ease. 

Product dimensions are important while purchasing a product. This is because if suppose there is a space shortage and the product bought does not fit into the space would lead to issues. Hence product dimensions are to be calculated before purchasing a tool box. 


The price of a product is an important factor to be considered while purchasing a product. Similarly while purchasing a tool box many factors are to be considered while planning and also will the tool box fit their need and is also to be taken care of.

US General produces wonderful tool boxes that would fit each user based on their budget and the needs. People today want their product to do extra things and are ready to shell out for the same. US General is known for its customer service and also the pricing of the product is kept decent knowing the customers needs.

The US General series 2 is priced on the higher side as it has many features like a good number of drawers, the product made up of steel, decent durability and good product dimensions as well. Would say that consumers can try out their choices, but 64167 is one of the best products in the market today.


Any product purchased by a user should be provided with warranty of the product as people have shelled out huge amounts to buy it. US General series 2 also provides decent durability for the products purchased from them. The products of the US General are good in nature and quite sturdy. Easy to handle products is also what most consumers feel. 

US General 64167 model is provided with a warranty for a period of 90 days from the date of purchase. In between if there are any issues, the company either replaces the product or changes the spare parts. This is a good gesture from the US General. Durability is good too if handled carefully by the user. A good product on the whole.


Few drawbacks of US General 64167 would be that the product lacks thin drawers is what most users have felt. The company should add more thin drawers for easy usage is what would be recommended.


Tool boxes are available in different sizes and dimensions with US General dealing with varying sizes according to the needs of the consumers. US General series 2 is made up of steel material which makes it stronger and easy to handle. Steel is the material used mostly by the tool box manufacturers. 

The drawers are decent enough to hold good volume of tools with other stuff as well. The 64167 model lacks thin drawers is one drawback. Also the warranty is very less for such a costly device is what many feel. Still the durability is good for the product. Also check reviews of us general series 2 72 inches by Amazon customers here.

A complete product developed by US General in the area of tool box and is well received well with the users. All in all a very good development and deserves to be one of the best in the market. Hope the US general tool box series 2 review would help the users in deciding if the product suits their needs or not.