Best cheap tool boxes for the money-Top rated brand reviews

If you are a professional worker or DIY-er planning to do different wood and metal works, you must have basic understanding about different tools available for your works. When you have more tools, the better work but the need to store and organize them becomes a great challenge.

When a tool is isolated, it is more likely to miss. The tool boxes are thus convenient and perfect solutions for storing your tools safely. After researching and testing a number of toolbox brands for 106 hours, we have shortlisted Top 5 best tool box brands for the money. If you are in budget constraint, there are some best cheap tool box brands available in the market.

Apart from storage, the modern day tool boxes come with plenty of various other options too. Organisation and size are two important factors to look for before purchasing a tool box. Also check Husky Vs Craftsman Vs Kobalt Vs Milwaukee

It is equally important to have proper tools for your work needs. So, you have to choose and buy best tools, so that your jobsite work will be completed very smooth and fast. Also check US General Vs Husky Vs Craftsman Vs Homak

For years together, the tool boxes remain as a perfect storage solution for woodwork tools. Though larger tool boxes best fit larger tools, they stay back in terms of portability. Check US General tool box review.

Smaller the tool box, higher the portability. Nowadays, even smaller toolboxes feature better organisation and good storage features. Protecting your heavy-spent tools is equally important and you must never hesitate in investing on a tool box.

There are numerous tool options in the market depending on your woodworks and job needs. Let us check few best tool boxes and best tools available for wood and metal works.


 Best Tool Box Brands

Below are our recommendations of tool boxes which are top rated and have good reviews.

  1. Stanley STST19950
  2. Stanley STST70574
  3. DEWALT DWST17806
  4. Stack-On SHB-16
  5. Ridgid 22 inches Pro

Top rated tool boxes reviews

Stanley STST19950 : a hand carry tool box

This hand carry tool box provides the facility to track all the components beyond just storage. The organization of tools can be done very well with this tool box.

There are dividers in the centre which is adjustable and are used for storing tools at different spaces based on their sizes. The maximum workspace is reduced and there is a lid at the top of this tool box with small compartments for storing smaller items easily.

The interior is hard enough to protect your tools from falls, exterior impacts, scratches and strains. The handle helps in high portability and this tool box is capable of accommodating even large tools and are thus best for both professional woodworkers and DIY-ers.


Easy organisation

Top lid for carry

Adjustable dividers

Removable tray for separating small and large items

Hard interior

Can accommodate even larger saws


Metal latches are absent in most of these tool boxes

Stanley STST70574 : a portable tool box

This portable tool box is great for protecting your tools for project or yard works. It overcomes the headache of packing your tools for travel, you can simply reach for travel kit and head out with this portable hand carry design.

Being a bag structure, it provides great option for other storage even while not in use. Though the exterior is made of soft material, this tool box has enough padding for protecting your tools from external damages or scratching.

In addition to this, a rubber bottom is present inside the bag which also helps in providing extra protection. The outer pockets shall also be utilized for storing smaller tools to enhance better organization.


Light weight and highly portable

Presence of padding, durable pouches, rubber bottom for protection

Bag-structure is easier for transportation

Best for DIY-ers and home workers


Difficult to store large saw components

DEWALT DWST17806 : deep tool box

If you expect a tool box to offer better storage, deep boxes are of best choice. They are capable of expanding interior sizes: both width and depth for better flexible storage options.

Though this tool box is of large size, it remains storable and portable in workspaces. The plastic box also has maximum capacity to carry as much as 44 pounds.

The tool box also provides you an option for customizing your storage needs beyond providing a sheer storage. For better stability, one can store multiple boxes one on top of another and lock them up for better stability.


Better storage

Expanding interior sizes

Carries up to 44 pounds of tools

Customizable storage options

Better stability

Metal resistance


Must buy foam compartments separately

Not best for large items

Stack-On SHB-16 : a metal tool box

Though there is a common misconception among the users that only a metal box can give complete protection, which is true at times. Though even a good built plastic toolbox can provide better protection, a metal made tool box gives more impact and high resistance to rust formation, if well-built.

This Stack-On SHB-16 tool box weighs 4.8 pounds with a metal-made and it is definitely a heavy-duty protection for your tools. The smaller and bigger items can easily be organised by lift out trays.

The dimensions of this tool box are 16 inches * 7 inches * 7.5 inches, which is not that big among the other metal tool boxes.


High durability and stability

High resistance to rust


High weight

Difficult to carry and transport

Ridgid 22 inches Pro

Modern day tool boxes have broken the myth that a large tool box need to be heavier and harder. This Ridgid tool box is larger and yet durable than any other tool boxes available in the market.

If you wish to take large tools away from home for projects or want to store tools, this tool box is a best choice. The 22 inches capacity of this tool box is ideal for storing both smaller and larger tools. Durability is the major feature of this tool box and this comes with higher impact colour exterior which keeps dust and water from entering the tools present inside.

The metal handle at the side/ maintains the lid locked though it is easier to open and access tools whenever needed. The tool box is customizable with flexible interiors and compatible too.


High durability

Better customization for storage

Easy to clean rugged design

Large capacity

Lid stopper

Metal handle


Vertical handling is difficult

Top handle is absent

The lid does not well protect from dust and water entry as claimed by the manufacturer

Top rated toolboxes reviews

Basic Types of Tool Boxes

Hand-carry Tool box: Steel or plastic portable toolboxes are best standards of all tool boxes available in the market. The portable tool boxes accommodates even large tool sets.

Majority of these portable tool boxes are hand-carry types using a handle present at the top of the box. Also choose a tool box which possesses a removable tray inside for separating smaller from larger items.

If the tool box lacks a tray, there are chances for tiny items like levels and pencils to get lost. Few hand carry tool boxes come with wire nuts and screws too. Look for metal latches at the end of the plastic toolbox for better durability support.

Portable Tool Box: These portable bags are light-weight alternatives to heavy duty tool boxes and are like travel bags which can be easily transported from one place to another.

The durable pouches and canvases present in this type helps in holding tools in position. Though storing very large saw is little difficult, they have better response from DIY-ers and homeowners.

Metal Tool Box: Metal tool boxes are always classy and never an outdated style. The difficultly lies in carrying as they are heavy weighted and you will get tired while carrying them. These kinds of toolboxes are best for garage sales.

Rolling Toolbox: If you are in need of transporting heavy tools and power table saws, this is a better choice. They are similar to rolling luggage carriage with two wheels made out of polyurethane and a handle at the top so that you can easily roll it from one place to another.

How to choose best cheap tool boxes?

If you are investing much on a table saw for your cutting and ripping needs, the care must also be taken in choosing a protective tool box for your expensive and best tools.

You must keep an eye on your storage needs- if you are going to store small tools or relatively bigger ones and choose your tool boxes accordingly. If you travel often, then portable or hand-carry kinds are of best option and if you need durability then metal made tool boxes are of great choice.

Similarly, there must be a basic understanding about various kinds of power tools available in the market for making better choices for your needs. This article fulfils all the above requirements by giving an idea about best tool boxes and tools available in both cheap and good price range.


I would like to recommend you to go for Stanley STST19950 tool box as it is light weight and can hold more tools. If your budget is low, check for affordable and best tool boxes for the money.