Tool box Buying guide

For the working tradesman, finding the right van bed toolbox can be a challenge.  Elements such as van size, access requirements, price and of course security play an important part in the decision making process.  Luckily there are secure steel van vault tool boxes that will keep your tools safe, but what about the other factors to consider?

Measure the floor bed of your van to determine an appropriate size of toolbox.It is often be the case that toolbox manufacturers will list the make and model of vans or trucks that their toolboxes will be compatible with.

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Next you should consider how important the ease of access to your toolbox will be.If you are the sort of workman that is frequently returning to the toolbox to access different tools then convenience is definitely going to be a very important factor.Ideally you want the best toolbox that will open easily from the side (called a dual lid crossover). If it is likely that you will be purchasing a larger and heavier toolbox, then perhaps you may like to consider buying a wheel well van bed tool box for even more convenience.

There are many useful online resources that will help you compare the prices of various tool boxes.  Amazon could be a good start, however if you are looking to keep your tools safe and secure then it is recommended that you approach a specialist supplier of secure van vaults.

Upon purchasing your toolbox, it is well worth going to the effort of having a system of organizing all your tools and making a point of keeping them in order.There isn’t much point in buying a specific toolbox and then losing your tools amongst the clutter!  Also make sure that you remember to keep the tools themselves in good order and to keep them protected from rust.

Whether your house is large or small, it is always very important that you have a box of tools lying around for the inevitable odd DIY jobs that need doing.Acquiring all your tools is only the first step.It is important that you must also know how to use them properly, take care of them and just as importantly – store them.If you know which tools you need and require regular access to then this will make the process of organizing your toolbox a lot easier. For those who are on the move, it may also be worth considering purchasing a van safe metal tool box.

It is vital that you buy the basic tools.  At the very minimum your tool kit should contain a sturdy hammer (with nail claw), crescent wrench, lineman’s pliers, needle nose-pliers, large and small phillips screwdrivers, cordless drill and bit set, tape measure, utility knife, gloves, torch and of course safety glasses or goggles.

All smaller hand tools should always be stored in a toolbox.It makes the most sense to store the tools that you use the most at the top of your tool box. Larger additional tools should ideally be hung up on a peg board mounted inside a garage or shed.

It is advisable to purchase a large secure tool box that comes with a smaller one inside.Your basic small tools should be kept inside this small toolbox which should then in turn be kept inside your house.The rest of the tools should be kept inside the larger box so that you don’t have to keep going back to the garage whenever a quick small job needs doing.

Make sure that you keep all your tools clean and dry as dirt and water are natural enemies of used tools.A handy technique is to rub machine oil into rusty metal tools, then polish them with fine steel wool before wiping them clean.