SKIL 3410-02 Table Saw review

SKIL 3410-02 is a 10 Inches Table Saw along with a Folding Stand.Going online and ending up finding a high-cost table saw is much like a no-brainer. Getting winded with great equipment is likelihood but also an absolute overhead. One must purchase a power tool depending on one’s needs and requirements, based on the work nature.

If you spend tons of money, you will get a fancy table saw with good bunch of aspects that you actually do not require. Power pack would also be too high for certain kinds of tasks that you wish to finish. If you are starting on DIY kind of projects or woodworks on rare situations, it is better to buy a cheap table saw.

Cheap here does not mean in a worse way but it just means something which is most appropriate for the current situation. One best table saw that fits into this kind of description is SKIL 3410-02, which comes with one folding stand.


Basic Information about the product

SKIL 3410-02 is a portable and compact table saw made of heavy-duty steels that makes it slightly heavier yet durable. Durability is definitely a plus here. We know that the portable table saws are highly flimsy and very tight and so less-stable but it is a happy point to note here that this table saw is not of that kind.

Despite of being robust, one can easily transport this table saw from one place to another, thanks for the presence of foldable stand. This table saw never comes with wheels though. Carrying and picking it up around would be a great problem for few. The challenge lies in weight; it weighs about 67lbs.

This table saw measures 28.9 l x 13 b x 20.9 h which makes it the most reliable compact table saw table. The table saw surface is fabricated with aluminium and it uses 15 Amp, 120 volt motor. This motor is highly robust giving 5000 RPM speed. The quality of specs on motor is a proof that it could handle heavy loads.

This table saw highly impresses the users and a general consensus exists among the users of this table saw that it is very impressive. This table can cut 2.5 inches through right angle, 3.5 inches at right angle and 2.5 inches through 45 degrees. The self-aligning fence ensures that each cut is consistent and accurate. This table saw makes use of 10 inches blade and right and left ripping capacity is 24.25 and 12 respectively.

The table and fence are well built and so you will never have trouble in getting hanging cuts with the units as all markings possess precision in measurements. Even for beginners, this bench-top saw is easier on you.

It is really unfair to expect best quality professional results out of this table saw but when one looks for some equipment which does the job, this table saw would be perfect. The quality definitely surpasses the unit price and it gets double for stand. The similar thing goes for the on-board storage and one can easily store everything.

The riving knife present in this table saw prevents from kickbacks. And also, this unit comes with a blade guard that increases the safety level during operation of the saw. The guard gives quick disconnection mechanism as you can either detach or attach in few seconds. For additional convenience, on-board storage provides all needed attachments along with tools.



Aligning fences to provide accurate cutting

Easy storage

Comfortable set up

Accommodates about 4 times the material height

Heavy duty materials to ensure durability


Heavy weight

No wheels

Miter gauge of this table saw is not sufficiently long for accommodating extra longer materials


This benchtop table saw has the capacity to carry out basic woodwork tasks. It is well suited for beginners and also those who works with wood occasionally. The power engine built-up is very useful for its operation. The engine mounts on a heavy-duty stand made out of steel that surpasses the features found in some expensive models.