DEWALT DWE7491RS vs BOSCH 4100 09 comparison


If you are looking for a jobsite, highly portable table saw, you need to come across two top models from best brands- DWE7491RS of DEWALT and 4100-09 of Bosch. These two table saws are busiest with woodworks and are liked by enormous woodworkers for both professional and general purpose works. Keeping themselves busy with woodworks for years, these two models never fail to maintain their qualities.  Do not forgot to read reviews of top ​selling table saw by Amazon customers here.

These two table saw models makes the works easier for any lumber, carpenter or a professional logger. This article gives you an insight into the basic features of BOSCH 4100-09 and DEWALT DWE7491RS, discussing their advantages and disadvantages and then comparing them to make your work easy if you are confused about which to choose for your needs.

Despite of many similar features between DEWALT DWE7491RS and BOSCH 4100-09, there are few basic differences. Many of the users believe these two products as outstanding models, worth for the money spent. Let us discuss both these table saws along with their pros and cons, to make it clear for the woodworkers to come to a judgement on which one is best suited for their jobs.

Comparison Chart



BOSCH 4100 09



BOSCH 4100 09

​Motor Power

​15 Ampere Motor

​15 Ampere Motor

​Motor Speed

4800 RPM

3650 RPM

Table Size

26 ¼ inches x 22 inches table

29 x 21.5 inches table size

Blade Size

10 inches

Blade Size


90 pounds

​60 pounds

Maximum Rip capacity

32.5 inches

25 inches (extendable)

Cut depth at 90 degrees

3 1/8 inches

3 1/8 inches

Cut depth at 45 degrees

2 ½ inches

2 ½ inches


3 years limited warranty

1 year warranty

Additional features

Rack and pinion fence system, high portability, telescopic fence rails, On board storage, rolling stand

Digital fence system, very portable, square-locked rip fence, Gravity-rise stand




The frequent users of DWE7491RS claim it to be one of the best table saws in the market today. It provides high accuracy to the users by its rack and pinion fence system, which is a unique feature of DEWALT products. The rack and pinion systems also make the adjustments easier and smoother. It weighs just 90 pounds which makes it a portable table saw. The 15 Amp motor is best suitable for high-end cutting needs. Slim cuts are possible with the help of flip over fence. Rolling stand allows for easy set up in the work places.  Also check comparison of DEWALT DW745 vs BOSCH GTS1031 .

The maximum rip capacity is as high as 32.5 inches which is a very best feature found only in top brands. The high ripping capacity allows rigorous ripping works possible even for professional workers. The telescopic fence rails and on-board storage are other best options available in this product.

The dust collection port is 2 ½ inches which can be attached to vacuum tubes; the post-environment is kept clean by this dust port. The table size is 26 ¼ inches * 22 inches. The machine is robust and stylish at once. Despite of all these attractive features, this model has just one major drawback.

It lacks a compact stand which makes positioning and moving the table difficult. The other minor issue with this model is that its deck is not completely flat, which causes minor issues while making table adjustments.



  • Good-looking table
  • Highest rip capacity
  • Rack and pinion fence system for adjustments
  • On-board storage
  • Folding stand with wheels
  • Powerful motor
  • High durability
  • Folding stand is large
  • Deck is never 100% flat in shape

BOSCH 4100-09

Bosch table saw

The motor speed is 3800 RPM but the equipment runs with 4 hp motor. The blade size is 10 inches with 40 Teeth, carbide dipped. The rip capacity at maximum is 25 inches. The portability is higher than DWE7491RS.

The handles are easy to lock and unlock and to make your own desirable adjustments. The dust collection system is perfect that helps in keeping post-work environment tidy. The sliding and square-locked fence system is little cheaper as it is made of plastic material. The miter guage is good and quickly slots into groove of the table. It possesses riving knife and blade guard for safety purposes.



  • Great portability by gravity-rise stand
  • Robust 4-horse power motor
  • Riving knife and blade guard for safety
  • Less rip capacity
  • Fence system need to be enhanced

DWE7491RS vs BOSCH 4100-09 : which one to choose?

dewalt dwe7491rs
Bosch 10-Inch Worksite Table Saw 4100-10


DWE7491RS has better motor speed of 4800 whereas it is relatively low in the range of 3800 in BOSCH 4100-09. Though 4100-09 has lower RPM, the motor runs at 4 hp, which makes it robust. But overall motor speed is good in DWE7491RS than BOSCH, which makes it a best choice for rigorous cut works.


When it comes to portability, 4100-09 is of best choice as it is lighter than DWE7491RS and also comes with a gravity stand for easy transportation from one place to another. 4100-09 weighs 90 lbs and the DEWALT product is 30 lbs heavier than 4100-09.

     Maximum Rip Capacity

Comparing both these jobsite table saws, DWE7491RS has a great maximum ripping capacity of 32.5 inches, which is very much higher among most of the portable table saws. On the other hand, 4100-09 has an extendable rip capacity of 25 inches, which is just an average rip capacity when compared to the DEWALT product. DWE7491RS is a best table saw for professional ripping applications.


Both has good blades of 10 inches which can cut through hardwoods easily.

Fence System

DWE7491RS has the best fence system, like any other DEWALT products released in recent years- the rack and pinion fence system of DWE7491RS makes cuts smooth and the tool is freely adjustable for better accuracy and high-precision works. 4100-09 has slightly inferior fence system that is sliding, square-locked and made of lower quality material when compared to DWE7491RS.

Bevel Adjustments and Blade heights

BOSCH model has better bevel adjustments due to sturdy and grip handles. It is easier to lock, unlock and adjust the heights of blades. Read in depth ​Bosch 4100-09 review by real customer.

Dust Collection

The dust collection quality is good for both DWE7491RS and 4100-09. Both have 21/2 inches dust port whereas 4100-09 has no in-built vacuum tube.

Safety Concerns

Both the models have riving knife and blade guards for ensuring zero kickbacks.


BOSCH 4100-09 weighs 30 lbs lesser than DWE7491RS and is highly portable with the presence of gravity stand. The gravity stand of 4100-09 makes it to shine among the other jobsite, portable table saws. BOSCH also has a good flat stand that keeps the equipment in place. The ripping capacity of 4100-09 is just 25 inches when compared to 32.5 inches of DEWALT. Check Amazon customer review of ​BOSCH 4100-09.

 Though both these models have similar blade size and dust collection systems, there are few major differences among the two. The ripping capacity, On-board storage, RPM and the fence system are poor in 4100-09 when compared to DWE7491RS, which makes DWE7491 a better choice for professional woodworkers. Check Amazon customer review of Dewalt dwe7491RS.

 Check DEWALT DWE7491RS review . I hope you understood differences between Bosch ​4100-09 and dwe7491rs