Best table saw blade reviews for general purpose, rip hardwood, plywood, 10 inch size

best table saw blades

Are you a person interested in a profession woodwork? Your job will be made easy once you choose the best table saw blade suiting your needs. Every person has different needs and different nature of woodworking but the basic understanding of saw blades matters more.

Are you looking for table saw blades for cutting plywood, metals, oak and hardwoods; also are you ripping or crosscutting: this article will guide you definitely.  Check top selling table saw blades in Amazon.

Usually, Choosing saw blade depends on the nature of cut you make. The table saw blades are not only useful for cutting but they also cost us added machining and needless aggravation. Check how to choose the best table saw fence.

If you are wasting your valuable time in cleaning burned-cuts and tear-outs and also fixing poor joints and fittings, you must make sure that you are actually cultivating a wrong woodworking habit. The problem obviously lies in wrong blade usage.Check top rated table saws to buy.

The selection of table saw blades from enormous collections, based on specific need would be highly confusing. This article will guide you in making proper blade choices, based on your needs.

​​Top rated table saw blade brands

  • Forrest WW10407125 
  • Freud LU85R008
  • DEWALT DW3106P5D60I
  • Hitachi 311128
  • Freud D1040X

​Comparison Chart







Forrest WW10407125 




Freud LU85R008








Hitachi 311128




Freud D1040X




​Table saw blade reviews

​Read reviews of table saw blades which are listed below. We have ​covered based on size, ripping of hardwood, oak, plywood and general purpose saw blades.

​Best 10 inch table saw blade

​Forrest WW10407125 saw blades are in production since 1980’s but still they are considered as great work horse blades of product recommendations. The table saw blade width is 10 inches in diameter. It is one of the best 10'' table saw blade available in the market today.

This blade has 40 teeth and a slim kerf. It cuts at very good speed rate. The diameter is of 10 inches which implies a cut-fast experience while using this blade. This blade cannot be considered as a multi-purpose model. It can be used more of crosscut models across many materials with ease, comparatively. This blade will remain sharp over years and the carbide coated teeth is ​perfect for long-lasting effect. Though it suffers cutting few varieties of hardwoods, it generally provides faster operation compared to other table saw blade types.


  • It remains sharp for long.
  • It possess forty (40) carbide teeth.
  • Fast operation compared to other table saw blades.


  • The blade may leave burn marks on woods.
  • It struggles with thick hardwood.


Using 40 teeth, this table saw blade cuts most of the woods which are thinner than 8/4 stocks. If you are looking for features such as .125 kerf, long-lasting and reduction in wastage of wood, then this kind of blade is more suited for you.

Dimensions and the weight :

Its dimensions are ​11 x 11 x 1 inches and item weight ​2.18 pounds.

Best Suited Table Saw Blade for Good Finishing 

This Freud LU85R008 64 teeth blade gives a smooth and fast cutting. If anyone is in need of cross-cutting with fine precisions, this variety of Freud blade is of ​perfect choice. This table saw blade thickness is 8 inches.

Along with grinding, this product tends to polish the surface of wood which leaves a well-finishing after cut. The other attractive feature of this blade is its ‘perma-shield’ coating. As the tooth number is high, this blade has tendency for smoothness at the point of contact.


  • Multiple teeth for fine crosscutting
  • Highly smooth-cutting
  • Grind polishes wood for fine finish


  • Burns certain kinds of wood
  • Ships with broken teeth at times


When someone needs to do crosscutting, this kind of blade is excellent choice. This ​table saw blade guard is made of carbide and the finely-made quality makes this blade long lasting over years.

Dimensions and the weight :

​Its dimensions are ​8.3 x 8.2 x 0.4 inches and item weight ​1.46 pounds.

​ Suited for Accuracy during Crosscutting

This DEWALT DW3106P5D60I  product is good for crosscut. This has 60 teeth to reduce noise while operating and also for venting. In addition to this, this has a very slim kerf for smooth and fast cutting.

This Dewalt product comes in two varieties of packs that are highly helpful. The plates are system-balanced for high accuracy. The main feature of this blade is that it makes cutting smooth and fast. The wedge shoulder designs of this product makes it accurate.

While cutting very fast, the blade may transfer yellow paint to the cutting material. At times, kickback occurs due to teeth geometry.


  • The thin kerf makes operations fast
  • Venting quiets the operations
  • Multiple teeth makes crosscutting easy and quick


  • It may kickback a little
  • The table’s yellow coat may get transferred to the cutting material


This table saw blade storage is of great value for fast crosscuts. The users who need to cut across grains with high speed would surely be pleased on buying this blade.

Dimensions and the weight :

​​The overall dimensions are ​14.5 x 11.4 x 0.6 inches and item weight ​3.31 pounds.

​Best table saw blade for ripping hardwood

While you are cutting grains, you will require a table saw blade which has suitable teeth for this job and this kind of ​Hitachi 311128  blade is perfect for ripping. It possess 24 teeth and very low of 0.09 kerf for precision as well as maintain balance while cutting even through hardwoods. This is top thin kerf table saw blade.

If one is looking just for precision in rip cutting then this is not ideal. It also fails to give perfect smoothness through harder kinds of woods.

Every tooth is tipped into tungsten carbide for long lasting effect than other traditional blades. This flat top table saw blade has a perfect hooking between teeth to deal with multiple kinds of woods.


  • Teeth tipped in Tungsten carbide
  • Hooking for most wood kinds
  • Good ​for ripping hardwood
  • ​Good kerf for control and precision


  • Blades are noisy despite of vents
  • Smoothness is lost in most of the hardwoods


If you need high reliability, these blades are of ​perfect choice. They work fine with majority of woods and are long-lasting. This fine tooth table saw blade is good for precision and control.

Dimensions and the weight :

The overall product dimensions are 10 x 1 x 10 inches and item weight 1.55 pounds.

​Best table saw blade for ​cutting plywood

This Freud D1040X product is the ​top rated general purpose table saw blade that does both crosscutting and ripping jobs. This is another product from Freud which is ​greatly suited for general, all-purpose works. It has a unique tooth design and possess a total of 40 teeth.

The alternate bevel makes it good for high smoothness and precision levels. This is not just used for crosscutting but also for ripping by its hook designs.

It gives second priority to ripping and primary importance to crosscutting and thus one may suffer while using this for cutting grains. This is right table saw blade for cutting plywood.

Dimensions and the weight :

The overall product dimensions are ​10 x 10 x 0.4 inches and item weight ​4.8 ounces.


  • Laser-cut blade
  • Vibration-free coating
  • Very minimal blade warping with time


  • Not suitable for ripping
  • Cause uneven cuts on woods like cherry


In case of versatility needs, this blade is of ​good choice. This is all-around table saw blade available in the market.

Things to consider while buying ​Best table saw blades

If you are really interested in buying right table saw blade for your cutting and ripping needs, it takes very little time for browsing for right blade that suits your needs. In this review on few table saw blades, one would have noticed vast variations among each product.

Each blade has its own unique needs and each are suited for a different job. The buyer has to keep this in mind while going for purchasing a table saw blade variety. There are few points to discuss in order to make the buyers understand their own needs, a little more. 

One must know if they are in need of a rip cutting or cross cutting material.

Ripping :

While you wish cutting hardwoods, try to choose blades that have 24 teeth as they do good job for cutting materials such as oak as they are designed for grain cutting. This cutting on grains is usually termed as ‘grain cutting’ as these teeth which are hooked and jagged are wisely ripping than crosscutting the woods at contact points. Materials such as plywood will tear-off if we use blades with smaller number of teeth.


While performing fine cuts, we choose cross cutting materials are they are designed to cut perfectly against grains of woods. The blades that are meant for crosscutting will cut thin woods without resulting in tear-outs. The higher the teeth count, the finer the cut on thin woods and thus one must select table saw blades with high number of blades for fine and smooth cutting.

best 10 inch table saw blade


​It is always better to go for good brand with nice ratings instead of thinking of price. The model you buy ​depends on your nature of work and needs.


Choice of blades 



24 Teeth FTG

​Fast cutting, coarse, suited for initial rough sizing.

50 TEETH ATBR or 40 Teeth ATB

​Slow but clean cut. Less clean up required.


​40 Teeth ATB, 80 Teeth ATB or 50 Teeth Combination blades

​More the number of teeth, high the cleanliness of cut. But here, 40T blade cut well than mediocre 80T blade.


​50 Teeth ATBR or 40 Teeth ATB

​Glue ready joints are created and ATBR is the ​good combination table saw blade for joining purposes.


80 Teeth TCG

​ATB tends to get blunt so TCG is used for sawing.

Four Basic Categories of Table Saw Blades:

There are four table saw blade types basically, which are determined by grind, shape or teeth. They are:

  • FTG (Flat Top Grind)
  • ATB (Alternate Top Bevel)
  • ATBR (Combination of FTG and ATB)
  • TCG (Triple Chip Grind)

Blade Types

Tooth Count


FTG or Raker

24 Tooth

Quick ripping works

​ATB & ATBR Combination

40 – 80 Tooth

All purpose blade


​High Tooth count

​Used for dense material cut like plastics and any other metals except iron and steel.


We hope these table saw blade reviews helped you to choose correct blade for your needs.There are certain points to remember for every table saw blade customer: the thinner the kerf, better the smoothness and lower the wastage. Similarly, higher teeth count means better and finer cutting on thin woods.

 The purpose of selecting a table saw blade varies according to the nature of works- either you are ripping or crosscutting or a combination of both. All-purpose blades serve the function of both ripping and crosscutting. Choose ​right table saw blades wisely to minimize wastage and to maximize productivity.