Makita ls1219l vs ls1019l review & comparison

When you are planning to buy miter saw, you can think of Makita brand and check whether features in it help you for your works. In this article we have covered reviews of Makita ls1219l and ls1019l. The Makita LS1219L 12″ twin slide miter saw has the largest crosscutting and crown cutting capacity in its range. It has high capacity, very good accuracy and efficient dust extraction in a more compact size. It is loaded with a patented 2-steel rail sliding system that provides firmness while making greater cuts, and a special 6 linear ball bearing design for getting neat, accurate cuts without any adjustment. The LS1219L is exact for use at site and bench top use, apart from high quality manufacturing.

Makita ls1219l review


Makita LS1219L 12

Ease-of-Use Features
Apart from its big slicing capacity, accuracy and power, the Makita LS1219L come with a number of easy to use features. The patented 2-steel rail sliding system of Makita LS1219L needs less space at the rear, compared to other twin sliding miter saws and offers single slide-glide operation. Its see-through blade guard system facilitates enhanced visibility of blade and line of cut. It offers better efficiency as the blade can be replaced in one step. The ergonomic design of the horizontal rubberized D-handle provides a better grip and additional comfort, while the large set off switch offers ease of operation.

Large Cutting Capability, Improved Accuracy
You can use the Makita LS1219L miter saw, right out of its box without making any special setup to crosscut wide boards of up to 15″ width at 90 degrees. It includes an innovative direct drive gearbox with patented retractable guard system designed to provide elevated vertical cutting facility and the biggest crown molding slicing capacity of 8″ vertically nested. Its retractable rear guard gives it the additional capacity of cutting 6-3/4″ baseboard (vertical). Besides, the special 6 linear ball bearings yield stable, easy, and adjustment-free correct cuts. Furthermore, this saw provided with a patented 2-Steel rail sliding system enhances rigidity to offer superior cuts as the four metal rails cause less deflection. As a result, you get bigger cutting capacity with increased accuracy.

15 AMP powerful current for smoother for superior slicing
As the 15 Amp motor of the LS1219L is directly mounted on the gear box, it never slips or bogs down and unlike belt driven saws, it needs no maintenance. The easy start function gives smoother startups, while the digital velocity control gives constant velocity under load for smoother, high quality cutting.

First class for a variety of applications
The LS1219L is designed to give precise results for woodworking retailers. It cuts very big supplies of the size of 4″ x 19″ beams and massive boards of up to 15″. It is the ultimate tool for a wide range of trades people like professional woodworkers, end carpenters, case and base installers, cupboard manufacturers and installers, closet installers, flooring and decking professionals, siding and stair installers and usual contractors looking for the best miter saw in 12″ twin slide category for working at site, bench top, or quality manufacturing.

Technical Data
– 4 metal rail sliding system with 6 linear ball bearings give cuts needing no adjustment
– Unique 5 and a half inch tall twin sliding fence system offers adjustment of lower and upper fence
– Powerful 15 AMP directly driven motor needs lower maintenance compared to belt-pushed saws
– Independent micro high-quality laser with on/off switch signifies line of cut left or proper of blade
– Makes vertical cuts of eight-inch crown molding, 6-3/4-inch baseboard and 15-inch crosscuts at ninety degrees

What comes with the Box?
You get Makita LS1219L 12-inch Twin Slide Compound Miter Saw, 60T TCT Saw Blade, Mud Bag, Triangular Rule, Vertical Vise, and Wrench.

How much it should cost?
The cheapest Makita LS1219L 12-inch compound miter saw available on Amazon costs below $$$.

It comes with a Warranty?
Of course, Makita LS1219L offered and shipped by are covered by a one-year manufacturer’s limited warranty.

What have others to say?
This Miter Saw is widely talked about by consumers on the Internet and gets good rating from most reviewers.

Here are some of the remarks:
– “New Makita is better than most others, though it could do with some improvements. On the whole it’s the best 12″ compound slider that you could have.”
– “This saw perfectly handles all of the work and that includes the trim.”
– “absolutely easy and sweet”
– “The best power device I used”
– “Once again, you’ll not regret having chosen this saw.”

From where can one buy the Makita LS1219L compound miter saw?

You may order Makita miter saw on Amazon. On comparing prices with other on-line merchants, you’ll appreciate that Amazon make a very competitive offer, mainly due free delivery option.

Makita ls1019l review

Read In-depth Review of Makita LS1019L 10 Inch Dual Slide Compound Miter Saw below. Check buying guide to choose cheap miter saw stand.

Makita LS1019L 10

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  • LASER FEATURE: I think this is the best feature that I love about this Makita LS1019L. Compared to other brands, the laser mounted on this saw is perfectly built-in and it is really functional. I can switch the laser on and off and it operates well throughout an entire cut. I usually use the laser to quickly line up a very long cut as well as on specific cuts.
  • IT DELIVERS: There is this one instance when I was constructing an access door for the firewood storage. After finishing it, I did some extra work to miter all the joints of the door so that it can have a good tight fit. And this Makita miter saw really delivers the result that I really want.
  • NICE MOTOR: The motor of this compound miter saw never loses power. I like its soft start and I don’t get that feeling of the blade arm jerking out of my hands during startups anymore. I like the fact that the motor has a constant speed and it cuts through any piece of hardwood smoothly. Check the best tool box brands for storing your tools safely.

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Makita LS1019L Features

  • This sliding miter saw provides accurate cuts. It has 2-steel rail system and offers single slide-glide operation and six linear ball bearings. It is a maintenance-free dead-on accuracy for your cutting jobs.
  • The capacity of the LS1019L includes the following: 10″ slide miter saw with the Crown molding cutting capacity (6-5/8″ nested) of a 12″ miter saw, 5-1/4 inches baseboard at vertical, 15 inches cross-cut at 90 degrees, and eight inches crown molding at vertically nested.
  • This miter saw is indeed a versatile one and can cut 4×4 dimensional lumber in one pass. It has a 5.5-inch tall fence system. It offers lower and upper fence adjustments to deliver more accurate cuts.
  • The package includes dust bag, blade, vertical clamp, triangle and wrench.
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I have read a good deal of miter saw reviews and I’m happy to find that a lot of customers have pretty much the same experience about the  LS1019L. I have tested this miter saw and its performance has yet to disappoint me. I am really happy that I bought it – I already wish that I bought it years ago.

My only complaint about this power tool is that it generates a lot of saw dust. For now, I just use a dust collector placed at the back port. And it’s holding up pretty well so far. Overall, the Makita LS1019L is still an excellent product and I use it in my projects all the time. Check difference between dewalt dws 780, dws779 and dws709.

Final Verdict

I hope this article about reviews of Makita LS1219L and Makita LS1019L Dual Slide Compound Miter Saw helped you to decision in buying good product. You can buy this model if you want premium features. Click here to check what Amazon customers are saying about makita. Read reviews of dewalt dws780, dewalt dw717, hitachi c12rsh2, bosch gcm12sd.