Hitachi c12rsh2 review: Hitachi c12rsh vs c12rsh2 sliding miter saw comparison

Are you looking for good miter saw? I am using Hitachi C12RSH2 from last 4 years  and happy with the entire performance of the machine. The majority of Hitachi power tools tend to be famous for its easy to use. Apart from the ease of use, people also like the actual versatility as well as precision of this particular product. Although it might not be the best possible tool for dedicated professionals, it is definitely better option for hobbyists due to its outstanding price-to-quality ratio. I have posted detailed video of Hitachi C12RSH2 review below.

As much as the effectiveness goes, it is probably a smart idea to keep searching for something else in case you’re a passionate professional who else deals with wooden on a daily basis. However, if you need a good miter saw for periodic projects, do not hesitate to check on this one away, C12RSH2 has everything you’ll require. Check top selling miter saw at Amazon.

hitachi c12rsh2 review

Hitachi c12rsh vs c12rsh2

Now I will discuss difference between Hitachi c12rsh and c12rsh2 models. Please note Hitachi discontinued c12rsh model. So, we have removed comparison of Hitachi c12rsh vs c12rsh2.

You can check real customer opinion of Hitachi c12rsh2 which is updated model and has more premium features when compared to earlier product.  Also check comparison of Dewalt  dws709 vs dws779.

Hitachi miter saw review : c12rsh2

It is one of the finest Dual Bevel Sliding Compound Miter Saw with Laser Marker in the market.

As we already know that Laser Marker helps to increase cutting accuracy, Hitachi has taken special care in this aspect. Read Kobalt Vs Dewalt Vs Hitachi Miter Saw comparison.

It has 12 inch Saw Blade and its 15 Amp motor can handle tough cutting jobs very easily. The new tall sliding fences in this saw allow you to cut much larger material and bevel cuts can be made while easily sliding out of the way. You can adjust fence height to 5-1/8 inches with the help of large sliding fence to cut up to 7-1/2 inch crown molding vertically.

Positive stops and indications on the miter and bevel scale allows you to easily read measurements and set settings speedily. It has wide bevel angle range of 0 to 45 degree to the right and left, so that you can quickly and easily flip the saw blade and leave the material in place. Its Vertical handle with soft elastomer grip reduces vibration and gives comfort and control during operation.

One of the worth mentioning features is you do not need rear clearance (where other brands of sliding miter saws require). This is achieved with fixed rail system which allows saw head to move freely along fixed rails.

The miter saw Blade comes with 32 teeth, if you need good finish blade buy 40-80 teeth one.

Basically, large bits of wood are not a problem with this particular compound miter saw whatsoever. The miter and bevel scales are made well, and also the positive stops are outstanding for saving time and effort.

The actual vertical handle is well cushioned and it helps protection from massive vibrations going on throughout work. While coming to safety, it has only a transparent blade guard if you follow the instructions manual properly it is safe to work.

You will get following items with this sliding miter saw.

  1. 12 inch 60T TCT Saw Blade (726100),
  2. Vice Assembly (339624),
  3. 17mm Box Wrench (333732),
  4. Dust Bag.
  5. Holder

Its dimensions are 25 x 35 x 28 inches and weighs 59 pounds.


Gives good flexibility of 0 to 57 degree miter angle to the right and 0 to 45 to the left.

Even new users can make perfectly accurate cuts by using its adjustable tool-less laser marker.

The sliding fence is pretty neat.

One of the worth mentioning feature in this tool is the laser system. Even though many brands are giving accessories with compound saw, most of them not have a built-in laser system. For that reason the laser system is an enormous advantage compared to other brands as it gives accurate cuts and easy to use.

Another thing lot of people like in C12RSH2 may be the affordability. It is significantly less expensive than a few of its competitors due to the brand popularity. Within simpler terms, Hitachi is actually well-known to be extremely inexpensive and available to people which are on a tight budget.

The ease of use can also be a nice advantage. This doesn’t need any experience whatsoever. For that reason even individuals who never experienced with miter saws before, may use it without having to be worried about injuries and improper use.


Dust collecting is not on par with other models.


This Hitachi C12RSH2 is an excellent solution for several hobbyists as well as professionals. It provides decent functions for an inexpensive price. Additionally, it has a revolutionary laser system which allows you to definitely make accurate cuts all the time without having to recalibrate the unit. Tasks like crown molding, floors, and even roof are an easy for this effective sliding miter saw. Check miter saw tips and tricks. We hope this post of hitachi miter saw review helped you to take decision in buying nice one.

Its 15-amp motor will certainly cut via anything as long as you have the correct blade installed. Safety reaches a decent degree meaning a person doesn’t have to suddenly hurting yourself. But don’t miss to take all of the precautionary steps before you use for the first time. Check review of Hitachi C12RSH2 by Amazon customers.

It can be a worthy investment if it meets your needs. On the other hand, in case you’re searching for more functions, check our own other reviews of dewalt dws717 dws780, makita ls1216l, hitachi c12rsh2, bosch gcm12sd..