Dewalt dws780 Miter saw review

Dewalt DWS780 miter saw review

The DEWALT 12-Inch Double Bevel Sliding Compound Miter Saw is one of the trusty tools that I use in my shed. I’m just your regular DIY guy and only do this for a hobby or whenever the occasion calls for it. This was recommended to me by a friend after he saw me working my heart out using an old 12” Hitachi that my father-in-law gave me as a wedding gift. I have posted my experience and genuine review of  Dewalt dws780 below. Check top selling sliding compound miter saw at Amazon.

The Hitachi was pretty good though it did have several flaws that made life a little more difficult for me. The big thing out of the box about this tool is the fact that it’s lighter than my old 12 inch saw.

I can tell after picking it right off the box that it is something that’s solidly built. I actually expect this to last me a good while. The following are some of the things that impressed me the most about it. Check detailed comparison of  dewalt dws780 vs 779 vs 709. Check review of dewalt dws779.

It is a 12-inch two fold incline sliding compound miter saw. A miter saw makes speedy work of crosscuts in wood and with the proper edges, it can be utilized to cut plastic and (certain sorts of) aluminum materials. Do you love to have the best budget toolbox?

The DWS780 12″ Double Bevel Sliding Compound Miter Saw has a 15 Amp engine and incorporated XPS cross cut situating framework for modification free exact cut line sign. Check  Kobalt Vs Dewalt Vs Hitachi Miter Saw comparison.

Expanded miter limit of 60° (R) and 50° (L) highlights tough stainless steel miter detent plate with cam bolt for repeatable precision with simple modifications. Check bosch vs dewalt miter saw comparison.

DEWALT DWS780 is an adaptable Compound Miter Saw that strikes an ideal harmony between fine exactness and rough solidness. It is ideal for experts who need to play out the assignment speedy and on location.

From fundamental carpentry to substantial obligation assignments like deck encircling and assembling, it offers the vital sharpness, exactness, and convenience that contractual workers require.

This is one of the finest machines with a ton of parts and highlights. Here is a breakdown of its real highlights, pros, and cons. Check reviews of dewalt dws717, makita ls1216l, hitachi c12rsh2, bosch gcm12sd.

Dewalt Miter saw review: dws780


  • Coordinated CUTLINE(TM) Blade Positioning System gives alteration free cut line sign for better exactness and visibility.
  • Powerful 15 amps, 3,800 rpm engine conveys expanded power and durability.
  • Super proficient tidy gathering framework catches more than 75% of dust generated.
  • Tall sliding wall bolsters crown shaping up to 7-1/2″ settled and base embellishment up to 6-3/4″ vertically against the fence while effectively sliding off the beaten path for incline cuts.
  • Exclusive back fence configuration slices up to 2×16 dimensional timber at 90° and 2×12 at 45°.
  • Adjustable stainless steel miter detent plate with 10 positive stops enhances profitability and guarantees slicing accuracy.
  • Dual even steel rails with a creative cinching instrument and direct metal rollers convey a precise, tough and minimal saw.
  • Innovative gearbox and belt-drive configuration build vertical cutting capacity.
  • Precise miter framework and machined base fence bolster improve toughness and cutting precision.
  • Durable and very powerful motor. 15 AMP/3,800 RPM.
  • Dust collection system is able to collect up to 75% of dust.
  • LED light alignment is very accurate. It can accurately show you where your blade comes in contact with the material you’re working on. There’s no need to make any adjustments.
  • Dual bevel system allows beveling on both the left and right sides.
  • VERY EASY TO BEVEL: This DEWALT miter saw is very easy to bevel. I like the fact that the saw is able to feature clear marks and stops for the angles that you usually use. The angle settings are really smooth, unlike my old saw that’s really clumsy at making those angles. The adjustments for the bevel are simple. I can bevel either on the left and the right, which makes things a lot easier.
  • TOP NOTCH DUST COLLECTION: My wife used to complain about the mess I make when I work on my weekend projects. My old miter saw was kind of old school so it had zero dust collection whatsoever. I installed a couple of shop vacs just to deal with all the dust and debris. With the DWS780, I don’t have to work my vacuums as hard as before thus prolonging their usable life. Its dust collection feature is absolutely efficient. I think that’s a pretty good way to preserve my investments.
  • LED ALIGNMENT: I used to think that laser light guides were the cream of the crop. A friend of mine had this really expensive saw that had this laser guide. It was only then that I learned that it needed some calibration for it to be accurate. That’s not the case with this Dewalt 12” saw. The LED alignment system is really accurate and doesn’t require any adjustments.

Though Dewalt dws780 has many attractive features, before buying it, users should go through the pros and cons. Here is detailed information.


  • The XPS Cross Cut Alignment System: This Double Bevel Sliding Compound Miter Saw’s special arrangement framework guarantees exactness cuts each time.Since you don’t need to re-calibrate subsequent to evolving cutting edges, which implies it is more precise than comparative laser guides. An additional splendid LED light will cast a laser compose shadow on the territory where you are working, making it less demanding for you to see where the sharp edge will cut. Check the best miter saw blade for hardwood here.
  • Durable: Regardless of how tough your activity site, the strong stainless steel miter detent plate and solid development of the DWS780 will hold up and continue giving astounding cuts over and over. Worked to last, it’s a workhorse of a miter saw that you will use for quite a long time to accompany legitimate care and support. It includes an intense 15 amp motor that has the abilities of 3,800 rpm at expanded utilize.
  • High capacity: This Sliding Compound Miter Saw has an extensive variety of cut limits, on account of its selective back fence plan. You have settled crown limit up to 7.5 inches, vertical limit up to 6.75 inches and an even limit as far as possible up to 13.0875 inches. To capitalize on the vertical cut limit, a rail bolt hook holds the head far from the fence.
  • User-friendly: This saw makes it simple to see while you are working because of its double slant framework. There is simple point alteration and also high deceivability scale.
  • You can angle from zero to 49 degrees with positive stops at zero, 22.5, 33.9, 45 and 49 degrees both left and right. It will likewise miter 50 degrees to one side and 60 to one side, including a movable miter detent plate and ten positive stops. There is an abrogate for the bug detent to avert falling into detents and to outfit you with exceptionally exact acclimation to points.
  • It has a double slope structure that is very easy to see and utilized on numerous activity site conditions. And all on account of the machine’s exceedingly noticeable scale and in addition simple point modifications. The slope ranges from 0 to 49 degrees, and with positive stops at numerous degree levels of 0, 22.5, 33.9, 45, and 49 degrees in either right or left bearings. Check miter saw stand reviews here.

Moreover, the saw has a 60-degrees miter that reaches out to one side and 50-degrees additionally to one side, including a versatile miter detent plate that has 10 positive stops.

It additionally has a cam fasten miter catch that enables the person to bolt any points between detents. The miter detent supersede can also be utilized to permit exact edge modifications, while never falling into detents. Read the best 12 inch miter saw review.


I only have one complaint about this tool is about the blade that comes with it. It’s good but if you want to make finer cuts then you might want to use a blade that has more teeth. Other than that, the DEWALT Double Bevel Sliding Compound Miter Saw is number  one in my books.

  • Saw arm jumps: When you drop the cutting edge down to the cut, position your cutie and hit the trigger. The saw is powerful to the point that the saw arm bounces down into the wood before you’re prepared. Ensure that you pull the trigger well over the workpiece before bringing it down for the cut.
  • Workbench: A moment negative would be the profundity important for setting this up on a work seat. I have a 24″ profound work seat and it won’t fit.
  • You require around 36″ seat profundity. This is somewhat natural with all the sliding miter saws, however only somewhat more regrettable on this one because of the 16″ cut profundity.


This 12” miter saw is best suited for beginners and weekend DIY enthusiasts. It may become useful to professionals but you might have to work with its limitations. 

On the off chance that you require a compound miter saw sufficiently flexible to deal with any sort of carpentry work, and wouldn’t fret spending some cash,  DWS780 might be precisely what you require. Check Amazon customer review of this product.

Notwithstanding, this may well be an instance of getting what you pay for in a saw that you will rely upon to give you exactness cuts. We hope this article of Dewalt dws780 miter saw review helped you take a decision to buy a good one.