Dewalt dws779 sliding compound miter saw Review

Among of all the different tools I own, this DeWalt dws779 is probably one of my favourites; I owned it for at least 10 years and it really done a great job. If you're in the market to get a new miter saw, then read this comprehensive review of Dewalt dws779 now and this article going to be very helpful. Also check reviews of dws779 by Amazon customers here.

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DEWALT Sliding Compound Miter Saw, 12-Inch (DWS779)
3,462 Reviews
DEWALT Sliding Compound Miter Saw, 12-Inch (DWS779)*
  • Your purchase includes: 1 CDEWALT DWS779 sliding compound cord miter saw, 12-inch,...
  • Tool dimensions: 17” H x 24.75” L. Tool weight: 56 pounds; Maximum cutting...
  • Other specifications: 15 Amps, 12” blade diameter, 5/8” or 1” Arbor size. 3800...

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What i Like

What i Don't like

  • Large cross cutting capacity
  • Rust resistant
  • Double bevel
  • ​Easy to assemble
  • Extra attachments
  • Swinging mechanism
  • Squaring up Blade
  • Adjustable fence system
  • Large footprint
  • Limited Dust collection system
  • No laser


Dws779 is not only a versatile, but also it’s efficient to use and ready to go straight out of the box so if you’re looking for a well-rounded miter saw I would definitely go with this dewalt 779 model.

Dewalt DWS 779 review

dewalt dws779 reviews

Dewalt DWS 779 specifications:

Let us quickly look at some important specs of DeWalt DWS779 12 inch double bevel sliding compound miter saw. It has a 15 amp motor on it and it has pre-installed 12 inch blade with 32 teeth carbide that’s a nice tall fences they’re adjustable both sides.

The nice thing about having a sliding compound miter saw is you can cut the wider material. For instance when you have it 90 degrees, it will cut a 2 by 16.

If you have it at a 45 degree angle, then it will cut up to a 2 by 12 so then the depth of the cut right here 6 and 3/4 inches. It weighs only 56 pounds and the arbor size is 5/8 inch or a one-inch.  You had to get a little creative to cut boards that are wider than its capacity by flipping them over well.

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Large cross cutting capacity

Now we will start with the pros and the number one pro of this miter saw is its large cross cutting capacity up to 16 inches and I really like this. Because it is very versatile and I can almost throw any piece of wood on here and I know It will have the capacity to crosscut it so it will be the first pro.

Rust resistant

The second really nice feature about this saw is that it already comes with a rust resistant finish. So there’s no need to put any rust preventative oils or inhibitors on the surface. The material that comes with this dws779 is already rust resistant to begin with so that’s the first two pros to this miter saw now.

Double bevel

The third pro which I think is one of the best features of this Dewalt miter saw is the double bevel. So what that means is that this all can tell all the way to the left and then it can also tilt to the right so there’s no need to flip your work piece over to cut the other side now on top of it be able to you know cut to the left into the right.

It also has bevel stops so you can actually stop the bevel right where you need to when you’re cutting down it has depth stuff so if you only want to cut so far into the wood you can just apply a depth stop and it’ll stop right there for you every single time.

Extra attachments

The fourth benefit to this specific dws 779 is that you can enhance the miter saws workability with specific attachments. What I mean by this is there are specific areas where Dewalt has made it to where you can add attachments.

 Suppose I have work piece hold down and these really come in handy because if you’re at an end of a workbench you don’t have anything to hold the work- piece up if it goes and extends farther past the miter saw.

So to hold that down I just use nice attachment you can get another one for this side they also have rails that can be attached, that extend out a neck can also support your workpiece. So there’s a lot of different attachments that you can add to this miter saw is to enhance it alright.

Swinging mechanism

The fifth benefit to this miter saw would be the swinging mechanism so what I mean by this is the main thing you’re going to be using a lot on a miter saw is making angle cuts and this feature on this miter saw it works really incredibly well.

All you have to do is push down on one knob and it unlocks this mechanism and you can swing it to the exact angle that you want now even better than that they have specific stops at angles.

So if you keep sliding, you hear it just lock in place and I have locked to 45 degrees and to further lock this down so you don’t actually move it you can push this lever down and that locks it completely in place. So not only do you know you’re right at 45 degrees but you know that this swinging mechanism is locked down now.

To get back to zero all you have to do is unlock that mechanism push the button swing it right back to zero degrees and what do you know it locks right at zero. You know that’s going to be square and this makes it to where the efficiency of cuts is greatly enhanced.

I think with that feature if you’re cutting a lot and changing angles a lot this saw would definitely be the saw to get all right.

Squaring up Blade

Sixth benefit to this off would be that squaring up the blade is super easy not only because you can lock in at zero but when you’re trying to change out a blade and maybe it’s a you know a slight angle and it’s not cutting directly square.
All you have to do is simply unscrew a few screws at the front of this saw where the numbers are indented in this piece of metal. And you can just unlock those screws push the saw down and then you can lock the saw in place like that lift up the guard put your square on it.
Then all you have to do is nudge this swinging mechanism until your square with your speed square and then unlock the blade and then you’re ready to cut a nice zero degree angles again.
So that really comes in handy because you don’t want to be cutting on the mitre saw that’s not squared up properly and then once you’re squared up if you want to go ahead and cut a 45 degree angle all you got to do is swing it over until it locks right at 45.

Adjustable fence system

So that’s super easy all right so the seventh and final feature that I want to go over with this dws779 miter saw is its fence system and it’s highly adjustable. All you have to do is unscrew a knob from the back and you can slide this fence closer to the cut farther from the cut and you can also completely remove the fence system.
If you would like to as well and you can do those actions on both the left fence and the right fence another cool feature. With these fences is that they have pre-drilled holes for bolts and screws in which you can customize a sacrificial fence and attach that on to these fences.

So that about wraps up the pros to this miter saw all right so now that we’ve taken a look at the pros to this miter saw.


Large footprint

Let’s take a look at the three main cons the first being that this miter saw takes up a large footprint. That’s something you are definitely going to want to think about because if you’re trying to squeeze this miter saw in a specific spot well it might not fit. It not only extend way far back because of the rails but it also tilts way to the left and way to the right so you can’t fit it in a tight spot.

There are miter saws out there that extend forward and back by using different mechanisms that take up less room so if you’re trying to fit in a tight spot or very close to the wall I will look at a different miter saw.

However this specific dws779 model has a large cross cutting capacity because it slides on these large rails. So if you’re looking for something that has that large of a cross cutting capacity then I would say go with this one. Because although it takes up a lot of room in the back and you’re not going to be able to shove it really close to the wall. Having that cross cutting capacity outweighs that all right.

So let’s move on to number two and this con is not really a con specific to this miter saw however it’s something that you’re gonna want to think about and it has to do with its dust collection system.

Limited Dust collection system

If you are working with the miter saw like indoors the stock dust collection system that comes with it might not be adequate enough to collect all the dust.

So you might want to build a wood dust box just like this to passively collect all of it and it works really great now comparatively to other miter saws this stock dust collector on this machine actually works really well.But there are some miter saws out in the market that are specifically made to collect all the dust so that’s something you’re going to want to think about.

No laser

The final con to this machine that you know doesn’t bother many people is that it doesn’t come with a laser so if you wanted a laser definitely don’t go with this model. So that about wraps up the cons to this machine.


Some alternatives to dws779 are dws709 and dws780. You can check comparison of dws779 vs dws780 here. Click here to read review of dewalt dws780.

DEWALT DWS780 12-Inch Double Bevel Sliding Compound Miter Saw (DWS780)
1,114 Reviews
DEWALT DWS780 12-Inch Double Bevel Sliding Compound Miter Saw (DWS780)*
  • New precise miter system
  • Handle design for added portability
  • Integrated XPS cross cut positioning system provides adjustment-free cut line...
DEWALT 12-Inch Sliding Compound Miter Saw (DWS709)
217 Reviews
DEWALT 12-Inch Sliding Compound Miter Saw (DWS709)*
  • Powerful 15 Amp, 3,800 rpm motor
  • Tall sliding fences, and exclusive back fence design
  • Adjustable stainless steel miter detent plate with 10 positive stops

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After making countless number of cuts with this Dewalt dws779 miter saw, whether that be zero degree straight cross cuts, angled cuts, beveled cuts or miter cuts I can tell you that I will definitely recommend this dewalt 779 saw.
If you’re looking for something more specific like let’s say you’re trying to get it in a very tight spot or you’re trying to put it up against a wall and you want a small footprint I would definitely find a miter saw that takes up a smaller footprint than this model.

If you’re also looking for something that can collect almost all the dust may be you don’t have a dust collector in your wood shop and so you need a miter saw that can collect all that dust then you might want to look at a different model.

But overall I would definitely recommend this model well. I hope you found this Dewalt dws779 miter saw review really helpful.