DEWALT dws779 vs dws780 vs dws709 miter saw comparison

​DEWALT is surely among the best brands that offer durable and robust machines. But often, many users get confused about which of their models to choose from.

Do you go for DWS779 or DWS780 or the DWS709? Well, all three are miter saw models which look similar but there are certain unique features which make all the difference. In this article we have compared DEWALT dws709 vs dws779 vs dws780,  separately and finally listed differences of each model.

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Dewalt miter saw Comparison Chart






​Blade Diameter

​12 inches

​12 inches

​12 inches


​30.8 x 22.8 x 19.5 inches

​21.46 x 17.72 x 17.13 inches

​2 x 23 x 18.5 inches


​51 pounds

​56 pounds

​67 pounds

Number of Teeth on Blade         




​Max Vertical Capacity

​4.5 inches

​6.75 inches

​6.75 inches

​Max Horizontal Capacity

​9.5 inches

13-7/8 inches


​Arbor Size       

​5/8" or 1 inches

​5/8" or 1 inches

​5/8" or 1 inches





​Miter Lock Type


​Lever (Cam)



​3 year limited

​3 year limited

​3 year limited

​Power source 





​3,800 rpm

​3,800 rpm

​3,800 rpm


​15 Amp

​15 Amp

​15 Amp

​Miter detent plate       

​stainless steel with 13 positive stops

​stainless steel with cam lock

​Stainless steel with 10 positive stops

​Crown molding

​up to 5-1/2 inches nested

​up to 7-1/2 inches nested

​up to 7-1/2 inches nested

Back Fence design cuts

2x14 dimensional lumber at 90 degrees and 2x10 at 45 degrees

2 by 16 dimensional lumber at 90-degrees, 2 by 12 at 45 degrees

2x16 dimensional lumber at 90° and 2x12 at 45°


In fact, even the price variation comes mainly because of their unique features or lack of those. It isn’t rocket science if you are clear in what you want. Check guide to buy the best quality miter saw blade in 2020. Check top selling dewalt miter saws at Amazon.

​Do you handle heavy woodworking projects? Or are you just a beginner? Do you need advanced features? These 3 simple questions can help you decide on which model to choose. Now, carefully read this post to know what each of those models have to offer. Check Bosch Miter saw review of GCM12SD model.

Dewalt dws779 vs dws780


​The DEWALT DWS779 comes with a 15 amp motor. Its blade measures 12 inches which rotates 3800 per minute (RPM). It is a double-bevel sliding compound miter-saw.

It comes with a 3-year limited warranty. You can use it to cut a 2x12 inch lumber at an angle of forty five degrees and 2x16 inch lumber at an angle of ninety degrees. Check dewalt dws717 review.

Adjusting the bevel scale is simple on this machine. The range of the bevel is 49 degrees in both directions (left &right).
When it comes to miter-cuts, you can use this machine to cut at an angle of fifty degrees towards left and 60 degrees towards the right side. Check review of Hitachi c12rsh2 miter saw.

You can use the DWS779 even in busy work areas by bolting it firmly to the work table. The material used for the miter detent plate is stainless steel. It comes with dust-collection facility too. Also read comparison of Bosch GCM12SD vs. Dewalt DWS780 miter saw.

Do you require The DWS779 for your needs? Well, this machine can go well with medium or even heavy usage. You don’t need much of calibration to get your cuts pretty accurately. This means it is good value for the money you are spending on it.

Even the DeWalt dws780 is a similar product(double-bevel sliding compound miter-saw). Even this machine has similar features (15-amp motor, 3800 RPM).

Even the angles and the miter/bevel adjustments are similar. Even the dust extraction mechanism is similar (dust bag). Though all features are similar, there surely is a difference. It is the XPS system.

It comes with a LED light beside the blade. It casts a shadow to assist in cross-cut alignment. Many users find this feature much better than the laser system. 

In fact, the laser guide may sometimes run out of alignment. The only issue with the LED light is that you cannot see the shadow if you use the machine in open areas during day time in broad sun light.

The Dewalt 780 comes with a 3 year limited warranty and accessories like carbide blade, wrench, dust bag and material clamp. Read detailed dewalt dws 780 review with pros and cons.

Which is better? If you are looking to save money, then go for the DWS779. The DWS 780 is slightly expensive  Why it is expensive?

What is the difference between the dws779 and dws780?

 The XPS system makes all the difference in between dws779 and dws780. So dewalt 780 is little expensive. That should be your deciding factor.

​Even DWS779 gets same three-year limited warranty as the more recent model DWS780. Both ​are very good and capable compound sliding miter saws, suitable for any crosscut work.

 If you really require the XPS system in your working conditions, then shell out a couple of hundreds of dollars more and get the DWS 780. Otherwise, the DWS 779 is not bad at all if you don’t need the LED light.

Dewalt DWS709 vs DWS780

What’s common? Well, both these machines come with stainless steel miter plates, both of them have 12 inch blades and weigh almost the same (nearly 60 lbs).

What about motors? Both of them come with a 15 amp motor that can power 3800 RPM without load. Even the warranty periods are same (3-year limited warranty) (1 year free service).

Then what is different?

The DWS709 can handle crown-molding up to five and a half inches diagonally and four and a half inches vertically. You can also use it to cut aluminum or plastic if you use a different blade.

It comes with dust bag, material clamp, blade wrench, carbide blade (32 teeth).
You can do much more with the DWS 780 as it has certain unique features. It comes with an XPS LED light which helps in better cuts. It doesn’t require too much of calibration.

Its bevel-stop handle works efficiently. Its blade is a 60-teeth blade. Its capacity is much more than the DWS 709. You can use for heavy works whereas the DWS 709's capacity is comparatively less.

Of course, if you are looking for a light weight machine that occupies less space in your workshop, the DWS 709 might be the one for you. But you can take up smaller projects.

DWS709 vs DWS779

Grizzly G0690

​What is the difference between the Dewalt dws709 and dws779?

The main difference between dws709 and dws779 is size and weight. The size of dewalt 779 is little larger than the DWS709 model and weighs around 67 pounds. Dewalt 779 model also contains a stainless-steel miter plate, but has only ten positive stops, where as thirteen in the DWS709.

Now that you have understood most of the features and the differences between all three models, you can easily decide which machine suits your needs. Okay, let us make the comparison simple. If you wish to handle smaller projects, go for DWS 709. You won’t regret.

Which one to choose?

If you wish to handle slightly heavy workloads, but if you can’t afford DWS780, then your choice would be obviously DWS 779. A majority of people who don’t handle heavy workloads generally prefer to use dewalt 779. Firstly, it is cheaper than DWS 780. Both amateurs and professionals choose this.

But if you wish to take up heavy projects that require utmost precision then undoubtedly DWS780 would help you.

 Its XPS system is the best feature that makes this machine the best catch for those who would never want to compromise with their work quality. When it comes to durability, all three machines are almost the same.

​If you are into wood works, cutting wood accurately and effortlessly is important. You need machines that make your work easy. All these three machines make your cutting jobs easy and fast.


​If you are taking up commercial wood working projects, you don’t need to think twice before owning the DWS780 as it is the best cutter that helps you handle heavy workloads without any hassle.

Finally we hope this post helped you to take decision to buy among dws709 vs dws779 vs 780.