Miter Saw Accessories

Turn Your Old Saw Into A Super Saw With Miter Saw Accessories

You really have gotten some satisfaction out of the woodworking projects you’ve done around the house haven’t you. You bought that miter saw years ago so you could do the addition to the deck out back. Then it was picture frames and then you graduated to molding. Well did you know you could make that saw a whole lot more productive and easier to use simply by adding some miter saw accessories?

For starters how great would it be if you could actually follow a line while you’re making the cut. Cutting along a pencil line is tough enough on a flat piece of wood but darn near impossible when the stock has multiple levels like crown molding. And we’re getting older and the old eyeballs just aren’t a good as they used to be. What if you could add a laser guidance system to your miter saw that would show you exactly where to cut?

You know the newer saws all come equipped with this feature but now you can have the same thing by adding this accessory to your miter saw. The lower end lasers run about $20, install right next to your blade, and project a line onto the stock that you can clearly see. They are typically battery powered and turn on and off based on the RPMs of your blade. For that kind of money this is an accessory you can’t afford not to have.

So now you can see the line but if you’re having trouble keeping the saw or the lumber stable then you still have a chance to mess up the cut. You might want to consider a miter saw stand. This miter saw accessory provides an exceptionally stable and ergonomically correct work station that can make the job easier and reduce the amount of waste due to bad cuts. If you need your saw to go where the work is as opposed to trying to do it all inside your garage or workshop, then you really need a stand.

These tables provide the stability you need to do accurate work and if you’re working with expensive hardwood you know how fast the cost can build up if you waste a cut. But more than just stability, the stand provides workspace for tapes, squares, copping saw and even pencils. Everything you need within arm’s reach. In addition, if you’re working on long pieces of stock these stands become invaluable. If you own one of these you really own a workshop on wheels and your woodworking projects are going to go much smoother no matter where they are.

The last item is something that you probably wouldn’t consider an accessory and that’s the blade. Now the blade is an integral part of the saw so how could it be considered an add-on? The sad fact is that most manufacturers do not equip their miter saws with the best quality blades when they sell them. It really doesn’t matter how many bells and whistles you have on your miter saw, if the blade doesn’t provide a smooth clean cut then all the rest is for naught. More teeth mean a smoother cut. Ideally you want to replace your existing blade which probably has 40 teeth on a 10 inch blade, with one that has 60 to 80 teeth. Blades aren’t cheap but they make a huge difference in the quality of the work.

So now with the simple addition of a few miter saw accessories you have turned your old saw into a new high performance machine. Now go make those new cabinet doors your wife has been hounding you about.