Why to Use Electric Chainsaw Oil ?

We know that electric chainsaws are low-maintenance tools when contrasted to gas-powered chainsaws. You do not have to worry about fuel as the chainsaw will be electrically powered. However, there is just one thing you need to take care of.

That is the chain itself. In order to ensure smooth function of the chain and to ensure that it does its job well, it needs to be well lubricated.When the chainsaw’s chain is lubricated properly, the friction between the chainsaw and the object being cut is greatly reduced, resulting in a smoother operation.

Thus, in electric chainsaws, you should use oil for the chain. Not using chain oil for lubrication will result in a chainsaw that runs hotter and produces more friction, which can be dangerous to operate and can even break the chain in some cases. Therefore, always ensure that the chain is well lubricated before every single operation of your electric chainsaw.

The oil which you use to lubricate the chain shouldn’t be just any ordinary oil either. Most electric chainsaws require a special kind of oil used for chain lubrication. This is unlike the oil used in gas-powered chainsaws to operate them. There are many electric chainsaws which come with an oiler button.

The oiler button pushes the oil onto the chain, resulting in the chain being lubricated. The oil settles in the grooves of the chain and lubricates it. In case you do not see the lubrication of your chain even after pushing the oiler button, there might be a problem with the oiler assembly of your chainsaw. Remember that most chainsaws do not come with ample oil to lubricate the chain.

Some do not give it with the package at all. Before you look for a chain oil for your electric chainsaw, there are a couple of things you should keep in mind. We said earlier that there are many chainsaws which use special chain oil to lubricate the chain.

However, there are some electric chainsaws which require car motor oil for lubrication of the chain. You can check for what kind of oil is required for your particular model and brand of electric chainsaw in its manual that comes with the chainsaw.

It is important to look for oil which won’t leak. Chain and bar oil will cost you less money. Below is an example of a chain oil that you can use for lubrication of the chain. This one is an Oregon 54-026 Chain Saw Bar And Chain Oil, pictured below:

Oregon 54-026 Chain Saw Bar And Chain Oil – Quart

The manufacturer claims that the oil prevents wear of chain link and bar, which the users of the oil attest to. It contains 1 quart of oil and has a relatively higher viscosity causing it to not leak as much as some cheaper or inferior quality chain oils might do.

Reiterating what we mentioned in this article, the important things to remember are:

  1. Check what type of oil is required for the lubrication of your particular chainsaw by referring to the user’s manual.
  2. Ensure that the chainsaw is lubricated each time you operate it.

A good chain oil goes a long way in keeping your chain cooler and ensuring reduced friction.There are a lot of good chain oils, like the one we took a look at in this article, which get the job done just fine and last long as well. So that is all about chainsaw oils that you need to know in order to keep your electric chainsaws lubricated.