Poulan P3314 Review

The Poulan P3314 chain saw model is a two-cycle gas-powered chain saw that is manufactured by the reliable and unbeatable Poulan brand. This machine is great for small jobs around the yard, and has the capacity to cut trees and/or other objects that are up to 28 inches in diameter. With an average cost, there is no other chain saw model in this price range that comes close to this model’s performance.

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There are many advantages to owning this Poulan P3314 model. This machine features an automatic-oiler mechanism, which keeps the chain fully greased all of the time. To allow for an easier start than other models, this chain saw has a primer bulb.

This bulb allows the user to start the chain saw without having to pull the starter cord as many times. A very useful safety feature is also included with this model. An inertia-activated brake on the chain stops the chain from rotating if kickback occurs. This safety feature is very important, as kickbacks can be very dangerous. Finally, this P3314 chain saw comes already assembled, and features a full one-year warranty, from the purchase date.

There are also some negative aspects to owning this model. One negative to this model is that replacement parts can be difficult to find. Some users report problems with this model is fuel cap and/or fuel lines if the consumer is using gas that contains ethanol.

Because replacement parts are sometimes difficult to find, these fuel cap problems might cause an issue with the future use of the model. Also, the easy start bulb does not always work, as the machine can be more difficult to start after the first use.

Many users also reported having to perform the start-up process up to three times before the chain saw finally kicked on and stayed running. Finally, some users also complain of excessive vibration when the chain saw is in use. This excessive vibration can cause numbness in the hands and fingers after prolonged use of the chain saw.

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Poulan P3314 Customer Reviews

One real customer review of the Poulan P3314 is as follows:

“I will give this chainsaw 3-1/2 stars and echo what most others have said; the chainsaw requires a lot of effort to start. It has been this way from day one, but once it warms up, it re-starts easy with a few pulls.

I do not think mine has ever started on the first pull, even when warmed up. This machine cuts great. I took down a 20-inch diameter tree with it and cleared a trail through some dense forest before the chain wore-out (I may have hit a rock and dulled the chain prematurely).

If it stops working tomorrow I would still feel that I got my money’s worth. I did order a new bar and two new chains, and they are en-route. Keep a sharp chain, the oil tank filled, etc. and it might survive a few years of mild to moderate usage.

What a pleasant surprise this little saw was! It started easily and cut fast. I cut three cords of firewood with it the first week I had it and the little green beast did not fail me once. It even bit into 20 inch logs. My only complaint is the lack of a vibration dampening handle bar system. After running the saw for several hours, the hands feel slightly numb. The verdict: unbeatable consumer saw for the price!”


For the price that is asked of this chain saw model, the advantages far outweigh the negatives. No other model of saw in this price range is rated as well by consumers. Customers noted more positives relating to the model than they did negatives pertaining to the P3314. This saw model is the best buy for your money in this price range, hands down. Pick up your well-rated Poulan 3314 model chain saw today.