Hitachi chainsaw reviews

With the cooling weather approaching many homeowners are anxious to get back outdoors and start cleaning up their yards with their Hitachi CS40EA18 chain saw. This is the perfect choice for cleaning up and cutting firewood because of its lightweight and low vibration feature which makes it easy to operate. Scroll down below to read detailed Hitachi chainsaw review by real customer.

The quality performance of the Hitachi is generated by the commercial grade engine that has a low emission technology two-stroke system. Fumes are reduced by the low emission and the saw complies with the CARB Tier III regulations.

Hitachi chainsaw review

It is easy to access the tension for fine tuning of the chain to enhance the capabilities of the saw. With an 18-inch blade the Hitachi can help you cut your work load down in a fast a professional manner. Designed with a starting system that lowers the amount of strength you need to start the saw. It makes the product perfect for men or women to use, for those clean up jobs around the yard. With the handy back handle you will have more control, and less stress on your arms when using your saw.

The efficiency of this chain saw is designed with a quality power head and the pitch that reduces the kickback for safer operation of the saw. While cutting you have full control and great performance with this lightweight Hitachi saw.

You can adjust the tension on your saw with the side tension lever. The chain saw will also stop rotating the second you release the button for the blade. This safety feature improves the cutting efficiency of the blade and allows you to place the blade where needed for the proper cut.

Comfort in using this saw was designed with an anti-vibration system that allows the user to use the product for extended periods of time. It weighs a little over 9 pounds, and has a back handle that makes the saw manageable for use in most projects around your yard.

A couple of customers said that they had to put the Hitachi on the ground to start it because, if they were holding the saw when trying to start it, the saw blade would rotate.

Another customer said he was clearing 5 acres of woods and after a few days the saw developed a small oil leak. He wasn’t sure if he was pushing the expectations of the saw to far or if it was a default.

It was easily repaired and he could get back to clearing his land. With the string being vertical to the saw, some found it hard to handle and start. The solution they found was to put the saw on the ground and put their toes on the handle and pull the crank. It would then start right away and it seemed to be a minor problem.

Hitachi Chain saw review

Positive reviews for the Hitachi were plentiful. Most said they let he saw idle for a couple of minutes and could start cutting right away. The saw generated plenty of power and was adequate to cut 12-15 inch limbs with hardly any effort.

They were especially impressed with the small amount of fumes, and it was easy to use and control. Customers were also very impressed with the fact that their hands didn’t get any tingly feelings or numbness when using the saw for an extended length of time.

Customers felt the saw was a great value and performed the way was supposed to do. Other customers stated they were able to cut down 16 inch branches with no problems and made clean up of their yard after the storm easier to cope with the damage.

Keep all the great features of this brand saw in mind, when shopping for your new saw. You will love the fact that it is lightweight, has a quality grade engine and an 18 inch cutting blade.

With the tension that can be adjusted quickly from the side, and low emission of fumes, and less vibration, this saw will be a delight to use to get all your projects finished. Women who enjoy getting out and pitching in with the clean up, will be able to handle this saw with ease.

With the lightweight and low vibration even women will find the saw easy to handle. Giving you great performance and is easy in use, the Hitachi will be a great addition to your home for any clean up project.

Pros and Cons

Now that we are into the Fall Season of the year, and it’s a bit cooler outside, homeowners are pulling out their Hitachi chain saw to clean up the branches and brush that has grown up over the past few months in their yards.

For those people who have the hobby of making figures out of wood, this saw is lightweight enough to handle the project. This gas powered saw is great for pruning trees and clearing back the brush that has over taken some of the yard.

This Hitachi has a quality engine with a 14 inch cutting blade that is easy to use as you work along your yard. It is lightweight, and has a low vibration system for easy handling. The engine has low-emission, which reduces the amount of fumes, carbon dioxide, and carbon monoxide that is released into the air.

By reducing these pollutants into the atmosphere, it makes the Hitachi compliant to most states regulations on air emissions. With fewer fumes it makes the saw safer to operate for longer periods of time.

With the designed feature of the Oregon bar with its chain, it reduces the strength of the kickback and gives you professional cuts every time you use your saw. With less of a kickback you are in more control of the cuts you make, and it makes it safer for you to operate the saw.

When you need to change the tension on the saw it is very handy to reach, with its side position for adjustments. It has an easy pull start that you don’t need to force, and the choke automatically goes in once the chain saw has started.

The chain will also shut off automatically when the bar is released for safety when using your saw. Comfort features of the Hitachi include the anti-vibration system, and the comfort curved handle that is covered in rubber for easier handling for extended periods of times.

The Hitachi comes to your home completely put together and ready to use. It weights only 8 pounds and is easy to carry from one side of the yard to the other. It also comes with a protective cover for the chain when you are storing the saw. Check Husqvarna chainsaw reviews of all models by my friend who used for 5 years.

Real Customer Reviews

Consumers of this chain saw seem to be very pleased with the product they bought. One gentleman said how he bought the saw to clean up branches that fell after a storm, and was extremely pleased with its power and easy handling.

It is easy to start and the choke that returns back automatically is a great feature. He doesn’t smell like other chain saws, which made it easier to use for a longer length of time. He didn’t plan on cutting down big trees, but didn’t want a small wimpy saw either.

He was very satisfied with the Hitachi, and was glad to see that it came completely assembled. Others homeowners have said how their new Hitachi was their new favorite power tool, and found it great for not only branches, but with clearing brush up around their homes.

The majority of homeowners said it has outstanding performance and is easy to use for a steady length of time. Many consumers found the saw to be surprisingly light to use, and were happy with the performance of the engine. One person even remarked how he kicked his other saw to the curb.

One customer said he found the handle not to be the usual style that he was use to using and found it a bit difficult to get use to. He felt the balance was off when he first started working with the saw, but felt he could get use to it in time. This particular saw, the Hitachi has gas powered with a top handle for comfort.


If you don’t already own a chain saw and need one for clean up of your yard this year, you should look into all the great features of the Hitachi chain saw. You’ll find it easy to use, lightweight, starts with no stressing effort and is capable of handling your yard clean up.

This chain saw was designed with quality and is powerful enough to handle what ever the storms dish out in your area. The Hitachi gives you a professional cutting performance and is aimed at giving you the comfort you need while working on any project. I hope this post about review of Hitachi chainsaw helped you. Click here to read Amazon customer opinion about hitachi chainsaw.