Electric vs gas chainsaw

When compared to gasoline-fueled chainsaws, electric chainsaws are far more ideal for smaller chores around the yard. They don’t smell of gas and are more light-weight, easier to start and necessitate much less maintenance than gas models.

One of the most stimulating aspects of the electric chainsaw is its limited noise production. Using an electric chainsaw will not irritate your neighbors and will win points in keeping their positive feelings towards you when living in a neighborhood setting. Furthermore you save time by not having to refuel the chainsaw, and can store it upright, minimizing the storage space required.

The electric chainsaw also requires less power than gas models, so there is a greatly reduced chance of being injured from kickback which happens when the bar hits an obstruction and jerks back towards the operator.

Safety is a large concern for many chainsaw users; there were 32,000 independent chainsaw accidents in 2004, with an average of 110 stitches required and a ,000 hospital bill. The functionality and efficiency cannot be denied of a chainsaw, but one must be cautious and aware when using it.

When doing light work which requires the need of a chainsaw but not the extreme strength of a professional-grade gasoline-fueled model, the electric chainsaw can be the perfect fit. Its lightness increases its mobility and will reduce the stress on your muscles, allowing for you to continue working on your landscaping throughout the day.

Investing in an electric chainsaw is becoming more common as the competition for selling homes is growing. Striking landscaping can go a long way to increase the value of your property and will boost its chances for getting sold in this difficult economic climate.

The maintenance of the trees on your property will not become a nightmare when the right tools are utilized. With a quality chainsaw, you will be able to trim your trees and harvest firewood in record time and with ease.

One of the reasons many home-owners are moving towards electric chainsaws and other power tools is the ability to reduce their carbon impact. The toxic gas emissions not only pollute the air, but utilize the limited natural fossil fuels available. The act of needing more fuel has been cited as cause for war; in many cases it seems clear that it is ideal to reduce the amount of gas each family consumes, and an easy place to start is in the tool closet.