Chainsaw buying guide

There are a lot of chainsaw review websites floating around the world wide web. That’s great for savvy shoppers looking to invest in the very best machine that their money can buy. Before you fork over your hard earned cash on a chainsaw review sites recommendations, however, it pays to take a look at the criteria upon which they are making their judgements. Otherwise, you might just end up with a dud. Here, then, are the key criteria upon which chainsaw reviews should make their determination.

Things to consider while buying Chainsaw

When it comes to chainsaws, you don’t want to muck around with a machine that can’t hack the pace. Sometimes you need a rugged tool to do the job. On those occasions, a professional model is the only thing that will cut it. So, when you’re ready to step up to a top of line model, you need to find out which is the best professional chainsaw out there – and we’re here to tell you.

So, what is it that separates a professional grade chainsaw from a run of the mill saw. There are a number of distinct features, as follows:

  • Top Handle: Top Handle saws are light-weight and easy to wield. They are used for long stretches of cutting branches and tree limbs.
  • Balance Design: The body layout is typically long and narrow with the engine situated directly behind the cutting bar. This makes the saw easier to handle for hours if extended use.
  • Commercial Warranty: Professional saws carry a two-year warranty, providing peace of mind when using your saw over and over again.
  • Reliability

You want a machine that will do the job when you need it to do it. Engines that won’t start, chain issues and air filter hassles are not what you need when it comes to cutting the wood to keep your family warm. The best chainsaw reviews will discuss the key issue of engine and body reliability.

  • Fit

The chainsaw should, not only be fit for the purpose, but it should fit the user. It should be ergonomically designed for comfort and be handle to use and maneuver. The handle size should be adequate and the saw should balance well. The trigger and other essential controls should be within easy reach.

  • Safety Features

Does the saw feature chain brake, handle vibration dampeners along with other anti-kickback features? What about a safety throttle, a rear hand guard, carving bars and front hand brake?

  • Chain and Bar Designs

Many brands now have advanced chain and bar designs to reduce kickback as well as improving the overall performance of the saw. From Homelite’s Safe-T-Tip to the skip chain, if a saw has an innovation to keep you safe from kickback, the best chainsaw reviews will tell you about it.

  • Price

While price shouldn’t be the over-riding consideration – we all know that quality costs – it is the bottom line for may buyers. The best chainsaw reviews will provide costs, preferably in comparison to the competition. They should also mention the warranties that come with the machine.

  • Manufacturer

Knowing a little about the history of the manufacturer can instill confidence in the brand as well as the particular model under scrutiny. The best chainsaw reviews will give you a brief overview of where the company has come from and where they appear to be going.

  • Comparison Charts

Interactive comparison charts allow you to compare models side-by-side. This is the best way to weigh up brands, especially when there is very little between them in terms of features and performance.

Link “here” to the homepage with chart.

  • Videos

Being able to see the saw in action, rather than just sitting on a display stand, is a critical factor in making a judgement on it. Ideally you should be able to watch a video that pits two or similar models of different brand up against each other, giving them an identical task to perform. The best saw will soon reveal itself.

A review of dozens of chainsaw reviews reveals a surprising consensus in terms of the best in category.