Dewalt DW734 vs Wen 6552T VS WEN 6550T Comparison

Benchtop planers are those carpentry implements which are used to lessen the thickness of a lumber or wood. Choosing a right tool enables a person to finish the task effectively and efficiently. To decide in favour of the wood planer, one should decide the lumber that if will give satisfaction. There are varieties of wood like DeWalt DW735X, DeWalt 734, Wen 6552T, Makita 2012NB, Porter cable PC60THP, DeWalt 6550T etc. Dealt is the machine type designed with an intention of tackling most of the home projects worth ease. Wen is a machine type that is professionals grade tools. Among these, in this article we are going to discuss about comparison of  DEWALT DW734 vs WEN6552T and Wen 6552T vs Wen 6550T.

The decision on choosing a right wood planner depends on some common factors like the motor, construction quality and allowance. If the machine is providing the highest rotation per minute and if it capable of cutting soft to very thick oak then this would be a better choice. Also check comparison between DeWalt DW734 Vs DW735 Vs DW735x Planer comparison

The machine should be long living that it should perform well even when there is highest level of shaking and vibration. The thickness allowed is of high importance to know the minimum and maximum level of thickness.

Dust collection is one of the factor which is related to cleaning the dusts. The machine should be so efficient that it cleans the dust by itself. Choosing such kind of planer will be of best usage.

Dwelt DW734 vs Wen 6552T VS WEN6550T Comparison

PROJECTSlight and standard shaving projectsSHALLOW CUTS PROJECTSLARGE
CUTS PER MINUTE180002550030000
WIDTH CAPACITY12.5 INCHESthree at 13 inches12.5 Inches
REPLACIBLENot replaciblereversible for longer service and also replaceableReplacible


DeWalt DW734

DeWalt DW734 is a wood planer that weighs 80 pounds only which are known to be best tools for large and deep cuts in hardwood. It is a machine with motor of 10000 RPM. It is a portable model that provides 96 cuts per inch for smooth and finishing. Work is done with the help of Three knife cutter heads that are disposable and reversible. Three years warranty is given so it will be useful as a solid investment.

Wen 6552T

Wen6552T is capable of handling 26 feet per minute which are considered to be a faster one. One of the biggest disadvantages is the lack of dust collecting system. It creates mess because of the top two missed out. If dust collecting system is properly organised, this will be a great option. 25500 cuts per minute can be produced from this machine. Thickness is about 6 inches and 13 inches width. There are some more features like fans assisted dust port, height adjustable indeed or outfeed tables, cast iron base etc. Variety of wood types is handled by this machine.

Wen 6550T

Wen 6550T is planer which makes even the hard projects to easy. It is fitted with two folding tables that are beautifully designed. This is a portable compact and easy planer to move around.

Dewalt DW734 vs Wen 6552T- DW734 The Winner

Dewalt DW734 is comparatively most powerful motors with 10000 RPM no loads speed that cuts at a high speed of 30000 cuts per minute whereas Wen 6552T cuts at 25500 cuts per minute. Wen 6552T is cheaper compared to DW734 since DW734 contains additional features that Wen 6552T doesn’t have.


Wen 6552T vs Wen 6550T- Wen 6552T The Winner

Wen 6552T will be the better option than Wen 6550T even though both are useful for niche projects. It has indispensable capability that facilitates in finishing the project. Wen 6552 has stock handling capacity, contains bells and whistles for better usage and also three blades in its cutter head while Wen 6550T contains only one cutter.

Differences between features of Dewalt Dw734, Wen 6552T and Wen 6552T wood planers

  • Power– Dewalt DW734 Does- Dw734 is more powerful motors compared to Wen 6552T and Wen6550T. This contains three featuring 15 Amp Motor that allows deep and shallow cuts. Capable of High speed of 30000 cuts per minute. Wen 6552T is capable of 25500 cuts per minute. Whereas Wen6550T performs 18000cuts per minute.
  • Capacity– Wen6552T Wins- Wen 6552T contains the largest blade width 13 inches such that this will give extra half inches of a room to feed the wood. Whereas Dw734 and Wen 6550T has capacity of width that is half inch less-12.5inches.
  • Blades-Both Dewalt Dw734 and Wen6552T is largest– The blades of all the three wood planers are disposable steel blades. In this Dw734 and Wen6552T contains three blades which lessen the load on each blade. Whereas 6550T contains two blades.
  • Finish– Dewalt DW734 is best– DW734 provides the best finishing when compared with Wen6552T and Wen 6550T. With the help of 14ft per minute feed rates, it gives the maximum time for the blades to level every inch of lumber. Wen 6552T is the next level to give a better finishing. Wen 6550T doesn’t help in providing a good finishing this it is better for usage for renewal of old and fade lumber.
  • Price-Dewalt DW734 IS Highest- Price of  DW734 is the highest but contains the additional features that others don’t have.

Dewalt DW734 wons in many cases that this is the best option.



WEN 6552T

Dewalt DW734


  • It has a durable granite table
  • Automatic three-column clampdown
  • High stock capacity
  • Durable steel blades
  • Triple rollers to prevent stripe

  • It has a durable brushed 15-Amp motor
  • Three reversible blades for faster and finer cuts
  • Strong Iron cast infeed/outfeed table
  • I3-Inch width accommodates any lumber size
  • It has predrilled mounting holes

  • Sturdy Four-column lockdown system
  • Robust build with a strong steel base
  • Low infeed speed and high blade speed ensure a fine finish
  • Heavy-duty disposable blades for deep cuts
  • Long infeed/outfeed tables

  • It has two blades only
  • It is limited to one speed

  • Iron tables get slippery when they are wet
  • It is too heavy to move around single-handed
  • Its 96 cuts per minute speed best for finishing only not dimensioning
  • It leaves a little chaff at the infeed




With all these aspects, i hereby conclude that all the three types of Wood planers contain its own special features. Depending on the requirement, the buyer has to choose the accurate one. If the buyer requires wood planer with all advancements then Dewalt DW734 is the best tool. If the buyer need wood planer with little advancement and moderate cost then Wen6552T is the best option. In other case, if the requirements is for renewal of old and fade lumber then Wen 6550T is the correct option. I hope this article helped you understand the differences between Dewalt DW734, Wen6552T and Wen 6550T.