KREG K5 VS KREG K4 VS KREG R3 comparison

In order to provide solutions to woodworking problems, Craig Sommerfeld used his skills and commenced a Kreg Tool Company in the year 1986. This company is started with an intention of producing tools and die maker that should help in joining woods speedily and strongly.

From Starter DIYer to advanced level woodworker, Kreg tools facilitates everyone to create rock solid wood projects and to build long living repairs. There are various types of Kreg Tools like Kreg Jig RE, Kreg Jig Mini, Kreg Jig HD, Kreg Jig K5, Kreg Jig K4 etc. that are used for all level of woodworkers. Kreg tools are helpful for Measuring and Marking, Cutting, Joining, Clamping, Routing, Hardware Installation, workspace storage etc. Among these, we shall discuss about Kreg K4 vs Kreg K5 and Kreg K4 vs Kreg R3.

Kreg K5

The recent version of Kreg tool is Kreg K5 that assimilate an improved speedy release clamping fixture and improved indexing pin that drive redirecting from one stock thickness to another.



Depending on material width, Kreg K5 facilitates in centering two holes 9/16″, 7/8″ or 1 7/16″ apart which is actually created from glass-reinforced nylon with a solid steel drilling insert. A suitable front-mounted handle shifting the non-marring jaw up to 3/4″ for final strengthening or immediate release. You can accommodate material from 1/2″ to 1 1/2″ thick in 1/8″ increments by using the spring-loaded indexing pin so that you can position the drilling block. It has snap-in shroud which connects to any 1 1/4″ vacuum hose for easy debris clearance, with a pivoting outlet that lets you orient the hose to avoid obstruction.

Kreg K4

Kreg K4 is a three hole pocket drilling Jig that helps in drilling the materials from 1/2 inch to 1-1/2 inches. It also includes premium face clamp, collar and bit. It also contains 500 1-1/4 inch screws that are specifically designed for pocket hole joins. This also facilitates in securing work pieces.


Kreg R3

Kreg R3 is a two hole pocket drilling Jig that is able to drill the materials from 1/2 inch to 1-1/2 inches which also comes with lifetime warranty. Adjustments can be made by changing the positioning sliders with the help of nine depth settings. Since it is capable only for two holes, it will be effective to use for smaller projects.


KREG K5 VS KREG K4 VS KREG R3 comparison


PROJECTSSmall-LargeSmall-LargeSmall Scale
POCKET HOLES25-5025-5010-25
CLAMPINGBuilt in Clampi ng and Fast ClampingFast ClampingFast Clamping
2X4 MATERIALExtra Strength

Kreg K4 vs Kreg K5


Kreg K4 and Kreg K5 has some identical features like creating wood thickness to the level of accommodation, screw centering, drill guide spacing etc. These are facilitating to craft precise pocket holes with faster lightning and ease. Supplemental bells and whistles are available in Kreg Jig K5 that is not available in Kreg Jig K5. Additional Accessories like swiveling dust collector port, extension wings, ratcheting front-side clamp and a lot more are available in Kreg K5 that is not available in Kreg K4.

Those who intend to use Jig with all advanced features, Kreg K5 will be the best choice as it contains all features of Kreg K4 along with some additional features.

Kreg K4 vs Kreg R3

Kreg K4 and Kreg R3 are small and entirely portable. Usually there will be three drilling holes but Kreg RE contains only two. Kreg K4 makes the work faster facilitates in larger projects which helps to clamp to work surface which is a portable table top tool. Kreg R3 use seperate clamp without the help of work surface which is used in smaller projects.

For those people who intend to do any varieties of regular joining or joining larger pieces which require minimum three screws, Kreg K4 will be the best choice.


Features of Various Kreg tools:

  • Carryout entirely (Kreg K5 the best)– both Kreg K5 and K4 facilitates in doing the tasks speedily even though R3 also contains same pocket hole. Whenever larger projects are taken, the need for speedy work becomes highly important. If there is more advanced features, the work done will be more effective and efficient. Moreover, Kreg K5 boxes readily attach to the jig itself, changing its shape from a simple line to a plus shape. with respect to large volume projects and storage Kreg K5 is very helpful. Thus, Kreg K5 becomes best choice.
  • Compact drill guide available (Both Kreg k5 and Kreg K4) – by disengaging quick-release pin in case of K5 or brass locking pin in case of K4, the portable use of drill guide is available. With a Kreg Face Clamp, Bar Clamp, or C-clamp, Kreg K5 or K4 firmly secure the guide to workpiece. The guide is screwed in case of clamp not available.
  • Portable pocket holes (Kreg K5 is best) – even though both Kreg K5 and K4 contains minimum three portable holes, Kreg K5 is best for doing it efficiently. Kreg R3 contains only two portable pocket holes.
  • Micro projects (R3 is best)– with regard to Kreg R3, it is very helpful in building few small projects like making repairs to wood home furnishings – broken chairs, drawer boxes, bookshelves, frames, etc.
  • Built in clamping available (Kreg K5 is at the top) – Kreg K5 contains built in clamping which facilitates in joining to table top. Both in workspace and woodworking. It is an advanced functionality of Kreg K5. Kreg K4 contains only fast clamping. The R3 doesn’t need a work surface – separate clamp is used to secure the R3 directly to the wood that is drilled. Clamping set up makes the R3 feel like a gadget or a toy, not a real tool.
  • Price equivalent to quality ( tie ) – the price when compared R3 is a cheaper one but doesnot have advanced features that Kreg K4 and K5 contains. Thus, Kreg K5 costs 25% more approximately which equals the additonal features.
  • Size (R3 is smaller, K4 and K5 are larger)– Effectiveness cannot be determined with the size. R3 is handy and easy to carry but contains only teo pocket holes. So it can effectively be used in small projects only. In case of K4 and K5, the size is large and it contains three holes, so this can be used for larger volume of projects.
  • SCRAP GATHERING (KREG K5 DOES)– K5 contains dust collection port through which tiny scraps of wood and sawdust to exit the drilling hole are allowed. This is one of the captivating feature that is available in Kreg K5.

Kreg K5 won 4 out of 8 features whereas Kreg K4 is a tie in many cases. Kreg r3 won in 1 feature. This helps us to conclude that Kreg K5 is a best choice.


  • Built-in clamping for gripping your work surface
  • Sophisticated clamp system to hold your project
  • Support wings double as storage containers
  • Swivelling dust collection port


  • Works with wood from ½” to 1 ½” thick
  • Removable steel drill guides
  • Lifetime warranty
  • Includes screw starter set, pocket hole plug set, drill bit, and driver
  • Screw in pin to set drill guide block
  • Three drilling holes
  • Also handles ½” to 1 ½” thicknesses
  • Sturdy and durable feeling
  • Easily clamp able
  • Suitable for pros as well as hobbyists
  • Two drilling holes
  • Included case holds all the pieces and the jig itself
  • Handles ½” to 1 ½” thicknesses
  • Small enough to go to the project, so great for repair work
  • Ideal for small-scale tasks
  • Super-affordable
  • Costs more than the K4
  • Quick release pin on drill guide block is flimsy
·         Wood chip relief holes keep drill holes clean but make the shop floor dirty
  • Feels a little insubstantial
  • Not suited for professional use



With all these aspects, i hereby conclude that all the three types of kreg tools contains its own special features. Depending on the requirement, the buyer has to choose the accurate one. If the buyer require kreg tools with all advancement then kreg K5 is the best tool. If the buyer need kreg tool with little advancement and moderate cost then kreg K4 is the best option. In other case, if the requirement is for small project then Kreg R3 is the correct option. I hope you understood differences between Kreg Jig K4 and Kreg K5,  Kreg Jig K4 and R3.