Toro 51619 Ultra Electric Blower Vacuum Review

When is comes to buying outdoor power tools, TORO is definitely a brand-name you can trust. Committed to manufacturing quality gadgets to simplify your outdoor jobs, Toro products are a great combination of technology and sensibility. And the Toro 51619 12 amp variable speed electric blower is an example of this ‘Toro technology’ at its very best. One of the more popular products of Toro, this electric blower with its very powerful motor, can blow up a jungle for you, if need be. Check Stihl BR350 vs Husqvarna 150BT comparison.

Toro leaf blower reviews

This electric blower has a massive maximum speed of 235 miles per hour, and is very handy for doing the strenuous cleaning jobs, that follow a rewarding hour of gardening. Be it a huge pile of trimmed grass, or the innumerable dry leaves that dirty your garden during the fall, the electric blower is all ready to clean them up, with its powerful air blast.


Electrifying Blower!

The biggest positive of the Toro 51619 electric blower is that, unlike its predecessors, it is not run on gasoline, and is 100% electricity powered. Thanks to this environmental- friendly feature, one can now clean up the garden, without having to worry about creating a messy fuel trail, or mixing up the blower’s oil with that of other outdoor equipments. Moreover, a no-gasoline electric blower saves one the trouble of having to refuel the blower daily and also from the irritation of running out of fuel, when in the middle of a herculean cleaning job.

The Toro 12 amp variable speed electric blower is provided with a handy extension cord, so that one can avail an electric supply, while working at any part of the house. Thanks to this feature of this powerful blower, one can now finish up the entire yard’s work, within minutes, without being covered with soot and oil.

Facts and Features!

Already excited about buying this product? Then wait till you hear about some of its other features. This extremely lightweight and easy to carry variable speed blower, can not only blow out the unwanted leaves and grasses, but can also function as a vacuum and leaf shredder when used in the reverse. Furthermore, this blower comes with a two year guarantee period, and thanks to its variable motor, one can alter the speed of the blower to suit the purpose at hand. And finally, the unique cord-lock system of the blower ensures that the cord is tightly held in place, while you jump around your garden, with the blower in hand, vacuuming and blowing out the unwanted mess.


The many positive of this handy Toro electric blower can be highlighted as follows-

  • You can convert the blower into a vacuum cleaner easily, without using your toolbox, or having to apply excessive force.
  • The blower is not noisy. It works in silence and completes your work, within minutes.
  • The attached leaf bag, is very well designed, and disconnects easily. In order to empty it, you simply have to snap it shut.
  • The blower does not get dirty or grimy easily. Thanks to its no-gasoline feature, one does not have to worry about exhaust leakage and about cleaning the gasoline tank regularly


Well, according to the laws of physics, chemistry and life, no machine, natural or man-made, can be absolutely perfect.  Same applies for the Toro 12 amp electrical blower, which despite its many positives has some basic flaws in designing which cannot be ignored

  • The extremely long extension cord, sometimes gets in the way, and often proves to be more of a hindrance than help
  • Though a highly effective blower, the Toro 51619 performance as a vacuum cleaner and leaf shredder is mediocre. Read Hitachi RB24EAP Gas Powered Handheld Blower Review.


You can buy toro electric 51619, if you need good electric leaf blower with good price range. I hope this review of Toro 51619 helped you to take proper decision.