How to use a leaf blower? 8 simple steps

Having large amount of leaves fall around the garden is sometimes a hectic thing. To overcome that issue, the garden owners decide to use leaf blower which has become common these days. With the help of the leaf blowers, you can easily collect segregated amount of leaves into piles within no time.

When it comes to using a leaf blower, there is a specific way to operate it so that it will work efficiently and will not get dangerous. The sizes and power of the blowers may get dangerous, sometimes for the users. Here are some tips about using your leaf blower:

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Methods of using the leaf blowers:

  • Select a direction in which you want to take all the leaf. If you will work in all the directions, leaves will again blow to the places where the cleaning has been done.
  • Make a particular spot where you want to keep the collected leaves, this is how, you will have the leaves collected at single place. When you want to throw them some other place, then make their small piles and then put them there.
  • While pointing the façade of leaf blower at a low angle, you have to grasp the blower on your edge.  Use backward and forward actions while using the leaf blower smoothly.

Safety measures while  using the leaf blower:

When you are using the leaf blower, do not forget to wear the ear covers and eye goggles to protect them. There are many minor rubbles like sticks, leaves, sand particles or stones blows up when you throw an air pressure on them. Same as that, the noise created by a leaf blower is too loud sometimes, that it could damage your hearing capability. When you hear such deafening sound for long, then there are chances that your ear curtain will get damaged. It is always good to take the safety measures rather facing bigger problems later.

What are the preferable timings to use a leaf blower?

Sometimes, when you have to blow off the wet leaves. It becomes difficult, as the wet leaves contain moisture, which makes it difficult for them to move easily. Wet leaves are very problematic to move as compared to the dry leaves. When you see that it is taking quite an effort to move the wet leaves, then you must skip doing it at the moment and start doing it on the very next day.

Keep away from using the leaf blower in late at night and using it in early in the morning so that your neighbors will not get disturbed by the voice.

In market, you will find various leaf blowers, but make sure that they are well manufactured and according to all safety measures. Keep an eye that all of the blower’s wires are not damaged from anywhere otherwise you may get an electric shock.

Do not gather leaves around the trees or they will rotten the base of the trees. Instead, gather them into the corner and dump them by converting into small piles in the bin.