How to start a Leaf Blower ( 3 different Types)

Autumn or winter is here and we start having these fallen leaves in our yard or garden. Though, they look pretty dramatic and give an amazing view of the season, but you have to clean them too. You cannot live in your with all the piles of leaves around you. This is why; we choose to use leaf blowers. Check Stihl BR350 vs Husqvarna 150BT vs Echo PB 580T comparison.

3 Different Methods to start a Leaf blower:

Leaf blowers are available in a vast variety in the market, which can be operated in the different style. Some of the instructions for using the blowers are:

  • When you are using the gas blower, then it is important to check the level of fuel in your blower’s tank. If there is a pump on your blower, then press it a few times. There could be a lever on your blower, which will have to be choked out the cord so that the blower will get started. You have to pull the cord until the engine will take out the sputtering sound. You can place the lever into the position where the engine will get started upon pulling the cord.
  • When you are using the electric leaf blower, then it is important that your electrical cord is lengthy enough. Plug it into the safe switchboard, and then plug the other end into the blower. The cord must be lengthy, so that you could easily move around the whole garden or yard. Switch on the blower and now you can use it without any hassle. Make sure that there is no spark plug.
  • When you start the blower then keep its nozzle near to the land and keep it to the altitude where it will not raise any dirt. You can also use the nozzles to reduce the sound and dirt.

You must not fill the blower’s tank with so much fuel. Just fill it with the amount mentioned by the manufacturer. When you put so much fuel in the blower, it will create excessive smoke. Check How to use a leaf blower? 8 simple steps

There are two – cycle engines and four- cycle engines available in the blowers. The two- cycle engines will contain gas and fuel mix, whereas the four- cycle engine will need gas only. Use accordingly as per your blower requires. The fuel requirement will only be needed in gas blower only. Whereas, the electrical blower does not need any fuel. You must purchase the blower which will work out as per your yard’s or garden’s requirement. Check Toro 51619 Ultra Electric Blower Vacuum Review.

Avoid pumping the engine so many times otherwise the engine will get overflow and will not get started. Do not use the blower when you are taking some medication or if you are feeling weary. Read Hitachi RB24EAP Gas Powered Handheld Blower Review.

How to start stihl leaf blower

Prior to starting the blower, ensure about its parts, safety parts, and about its safety. If the parts are damaged, then it is not secure to use the blower. It is better to get it fixed rather using it in this dangerous condition. When you see that your blower is in damaged condition, then get it fixed by the authorized dealer and not to attempts fixing it yourself.