SOMMER Direct Drive 3/4 HP Garage Door Opener review

Every so often a product comes along that revolutionizes an industry. The German garage door opener manufacturer SOMMER, has released what they claim to be a revolutionary garage door opening system. German engineers are known for their intricate work and for having an eye for details, so many customers are wondering how that type of engineering applies to garage door openers. Let’s take a look at the SOMMER Direct Drive Garage Door Opener review and see what this exciting new product has to offer. LiftMaster 8500 vs 8500w comparison.

Sommer garage door opener review

Built on Direct Drive Technology

For years most garage door openers have either had chain drives, belt drives or screw drives. The  SOMMER Direct Drive Garage Door Opener uses a technology called “Direct Drive.” This technology only has one moving part, so the chances of a breakdown or broken part are significantly reduced. Anyone who has ever used a conventional garage door opener will be surprised when they see how smooth this model lifts and closes garage doors. The Direct Drive also makes this model particularly quiet when compared to standard garage door openers.

SOMMER Direct Drive Garage Door Opener review

Extreme Power

The vast majority of garage door openers use ½ horsepower motors. The  SOMMER Synoris 550 has a heavy duty, ¾ horsepower motor. The ½ horsepower models do a fine job on standard garage doors, but they tend to bog down on doors that weigh more than 350 pounds. Bigger, heavier or paneled doors are no problem for the tough, ¾ horsepower motor built into the  SOMMER Direct Drive Garage Door Opener.  Of course, lighter doors open much easier with this unit too, and since they are lighter, they won’t stress the motor as much, so a longer product life can be expected.

Technical Specifications

  1. A German Built – Revolutionary Garage Door Opener
  2. 3/4 Horsepower Direct Drive Motor
  3. Soft Start/Stop Technology
  4. Photo Quality Electronic Eye
  5. Support For Doors Up To 550 Lbs And 7-8 Foot In Height
  6. Spring Balanced
  7. Comes With Two Remotes And Wall Mounted Keypad System
  8. Compatible With HomeLink Systems
  9. Lifetime Warranty On The Opener – 2 Year Warranty On All Other Parts
  10. Weighs just 40 pounds


  1. The Direct Drive system is really remarkable and has only one moving part – That means less chance of breakage and no greasing required either!
  2. Features a nearly vibration free functionality and is whisper quiet
  3. 3/4 Horsepower motor is located at the door to maximize power efficiency
  4. Comes well packaged for shipping safety
  5. The way the parts fit and come together has been called flawless by customers who’ve purchased this item
  6. The main components of this garage door opener are stainless steel and designed to last for a lifetime
  7. This garage door opener is so quiet that you won’t even hear it running
  8. Everything about the opener itself is guaranteed for a lifetime – Should any of the parts fail, simply contact Sommer or Amazon for a refund
  9. Customer service with this company is top notch
  10. Only takes about 4 hours to install
  11. Strong and Durable like a chain drive with less moving parts
  12. Quieter than a belt drive and just as powerful
  13. Includes Opener,  two 2- button remotes and photo sensor eyes


  1. Instructions could be illustrated a bit better but they’re readable at least
  2. Wall opener button is a bit on the cheap side

Where Can You Buy the SOMMER Direct Drive Garage Door Opener?

Sommer USA sells this garage door opener directly through a number of online retail channels including

Customer Reviews

A lot of customers in the United States and Canada may not be familiar with SOMMER, as they are a European manufacturer. Since this company is not one of the well known, American companies, it’s a good idea to see what customers, who have purchased this model, are saying about it.

We found dozens of online customer reviews while doing research for this garage opener review. From reading all of the customer reviews for the SOMMER Direct Drive Garage Door Opener, it appears that plenty of people agree with the description of this model, and consider it to be a truly revolutionary garage door opener. Many customers, who have had several garage door openers over the years, have said this is the most quiet running opener they have ever heard. A few people reported being unhappy with the way the remote controls are designed, but compared to the huge number of positive reviews, the few complaints registered are negligible.

This garage door opener may be from a company that many people aren’t familiar with, but by checking out the customer reviews and looking at the product specs, this is certainly a garage door opener that we have not problems recommending to buyers.