Chamberlain B750 Garage Door Opener Review

Garage door openers are available all around the globe and are a very useful tool and have the same. Many models are available in the market and few of them are liked by many consumers around the world. Check Amazon customer review of chamberlain B750.

Today we are going to discuss detailed Chamberlain B750 review, one of the famous brands which is a world leader in manufacturing garage door openers. It is a fast selling product among the consumers and is well accepted by many to be one of the better garage door openers in the price segment with very good hi-tech features. Let us review the product as follows.

Quick Overiew of Chamberlain B750 Garage Door Opener



Ease of Use



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What i Like

What i Don't like

  • ¾ HP powered motor
  • Timer to close
  • Lights on when user enters the garage
  • Affordably priced
  • Smartphone controlled
  • Wifi Enabled device
  • Lack of battery back-up
  • Compatibility issues

Chamberlain B750 review


Chamberlain B750 garage door opener does possess a decent motor of 3/4 HP which is one of the powerful motors available in the market. It is very much preferred among the consumers too. More power means the tool can lift heavy weight doors built of different materials.

Power in garage door openers plays a major role because the motor is the one which powers the tool to open and close the door without making much noise. 

The B750 is better when compared to the rivals with the same motor capacity. B750 can combat the frequent wear and tear that may occur due to lifting of the door with the powerful motor available in the tool. Chamberlain has produced a very good door opener in the mid-level price range and is recommended by many users of the product.

The device is very silent because it is a belt driven product. Belt drive garage door openers are now much in demand when compared to chain drive openers because belt drives produce less noise while in operation than chain drive devices. B750 is made only for residential purposes and it does live up to the expectations of the consumers in terms of motor power the device has to offer.

Wifi Enabled:

B750 does offer a great feature which is a Wifi enabled device. This feature is very helpful to the consumers because the user can connect the garage door with the home network and operate the garage door with help of the smartphone. 

Indeed it's a good feature as the consumer can open and close the door and also receives alerts about the garage door opener in the smartphone controlled device. Wifi enabled garage door openers provide the user with access to open and close the garage door opener with the help of smartphones. 

This feature is helpful in case when the weather outside is pretty bad where the user instead of getting down from the car and opening the garage door can use the smartphone to open the garage door which is Wifi enabled connected to the home network. 

B750 is easy to install and the Wifi too is easy to connect with the home network with the help of manuals provided along with the device. Installation of a device is also an important aspect to be considered while purchasing the garage door opener and B750 fulfills the expectation of the consumer for easy installation of the product.

Lights turn on when entering garage:

When the consumer opens the garage and enters the living space, it becomes important that lights should be available to provide brightness all around the garage or the living space for smooth movement within the premises.

B750 does take care of it effectively by providing LED lights that automatically turn on when the user enters the garage and turn off too when the garage door is closed. This feature is a very good addition to the device as it provides lighting to the user.

Most rivals also do provide lighting as B750 but Chamberlain is one step ahead always. The lights that are provided with the device does brighten the premises all over and makes the movement easy for the user around the garage.

Also when the user leaves or closes the garage door the lights turn off and in turn saves power of the consumer too. Indeed consumers would feel safe and secure with such garage door openers and also happy with the purchase.

 I would recommend the users to have a look at B750 before purchasing any other similar garage door opener.

Timer to close:

Timer to close as the feature suggests is setting a timer to close the garage door once the user leaves the premises. This feature is critical to the device as sometimes the users may forget to close the garage door and that can lead to issues.

Hence timer to close steps in and closes the garage door once the user leaves the premises. This way the premises are secured without any hassles for the user to think about what would happen if they had missed closing the garage door.

B750 is loaded with excellent features with timer to close being one among the few. Most garage door opener companies do offer this feature to secure the premises if suppose the user forgets to close the garage door.

Chamberlain also provides this feature.I would like to reiterate that the timer to close a feature becomes crucial for senior citizens because there are high chances that they may forget to close the garage door when opened.

Hence timer to close is an important feature right from kids to adults which provides security to their premises and living spaces as well. 

Accessories provided:

Chamberlain B750 is loaded with good features and hence does provide accessories along with the device which is useful for the consumers in the longer run. B750 is provided with a 3-button garage door remote with which the user can open and close the garage door easily and also can be controlled with the smartphone. 

It also has wireless keypad provided which is good as they are not corded where the user needs to keep moving with the cord around the garage. With wireless facility this makes it easy for the user to move around the garage without cords.

Also the device is provided with motion detecting wall control panel and safety sensor kit wherein if suppose the garage door is in closing mode and someone steps in during that time the door pauses and allows the user to move through the passage easily. Very good feature provided by Chamberlain and does deserve applause for the same.


Chamberlain stands out among the rest in terms of warranty of the garage door opener and B750 is right at the top of its rivals. The motor and belt warranty is for lifetime. Indeed a very good warranty provided by Chamberlain for the B750.

Also the parts warranty is for 5 years. This makes the device even more aggressive in the market when compared to its rivals with almost the same features. Warranty of a device is also an important factor in deciding which garage door opener to choose from.

There are many companies that offer good garage door openers but Chamberlain stands out to be a leader in the same segment. 

Belt and motor warranty is crucial as these parts are important in running the garage door opener and rightly provided with lifetime warranty is indeed good and recommend to go for B750.


One of the major drawbacks in B750 is it is not provided with battery back-up with the device. It is very crucial as suppose when there is a power outage and suppose the weather is pretty bad outside too and the user needs to enter the living space this becomes a very difficult situation because the device lacks the battery back-up. 

Battery back-up is useful in such instances and one never knows when the battery would be helpful to the consumer. Always recommend to go for battery back-ip garage door openers as the above situation can arise any time.


As we can judge that Chamberlain B750 is loaded with extravagant features and priced affordably for the users. It is Wifi enabled, smartphone controlled, timer to close, safety sensors, lights on when entering the garage and many more features are provided in the device.

It’s a packed device that offers the consumers the required power to lift the doors. Warranty period is also excellent which is lifetime for motor and belt and for parts of the device which is 5 years. All in all a wonderful and exciting device is on the cards for the consumers to play with.  Check what Amazon customers are saying about chamberlain B750.

Also the safety sensor provided is quick to react if there is an obstruction in between when the garage door is in closing mode. Safety matters a lot and Chamberlain takes care of it too seriously. 

A great device provided by a wonderful company and would surely recommend purchasing the product without an iota of a question. My take is go for the garage door opener hands down.

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