Chamberlain b730 Garage Door Opener review by real customer

If you’re tired of loud, rattling sounds when you push the button on your garage door opener, it may be time to look into a smooth, quiet and efficient garage door opening system. Read this Chamberlain b730 garage door opener review to find out all the facts. The Chamberlain b730 Premium Whisper Drive with Standby Power is a very popular system that many customers rave about. So, what’s all the fuss about? Is this garage door system as good as, or even superior to, the other brands on the market? The Chamberlain WD962KEV now became b730 model name and both of the products are one and the same.

Chamberlain b730 review

We will start with Specifications of Chamberlain B730, pros, real customer review, cons and end with conclusion.

Chamberlain B730 garage door opener

 Specifications & Features of Chamberlain B730

  • It has a 3/4 HP belt drive which is as strong as a train timing belt. 
  • It makes use of MYQ Home Activation Technology to control the home lights – both internal lights and external lights.
  •  The door closes automatically if the timer is set. 
  • This garage door opener comes with two 3-button remote control, a control panel and a wireless entry system. 
  • The battery backup helps in opening of the garage door when there is a power failure. 
  • There are many safety features like Protector System, sensing technology and Security plus system installed. 
  • Quiet, smooth operation
  • EverCharge Standby Power – for continued operation, even during power outages
  • PosiLock theft protection
  • Safety sensors with Rapid-Snap brackets to ensure safe operation
  • Two remote controls, wall-mount panel, key-less entry pad included
  • Exclusive Triband technology boosts remote range up to 1,500 feet for a quicker entrance and exit


Powerful Motor

There’s no sense in purchasing a garage door opener, if it’s going to struggle lifting your door on a regular basis. The Chamberlain b730 garage Door Opener has a very powerful ¾ horse power motor. It is powered by Lift Power System. Unless you have a garage door that’s lined with lead, this system will have no problems opening and closing it for years to come. Power is important when you’re looking at garage door openers to purchase, and this system has one of the more powerful motors available.

Loaded with Extras

There are some garage door openers that are pretty boring. There’s nothing boring about the b730, this unit has standby power, so you’ll always have enough of a charge to get the garage door opened and closed during a power outage.

Power backup

Today most of the garage doors are electricity-operated. The main problem about electricity-operated garage door opener is that you cannot open the door during power failure. The power backup feature in this product solves this problem. The backup battery can be recharged and used for a long duration of time.

Preset timer 

You need not have any doubts if you closed the door is closed or not. The door can be closed with the help of a preset timer.

Motion sensing feature

In the night it may be difficult to locate the controls in the panel. The motion sensing feature lights up the control panel when there is a slight movement.


The sensing technology, the security plus system, the protector system and the Posi-Lock theft system assures 100% safety.


The belt and motor are assured lifetime warranty. Other parts are given 5-year warranty.


The main minus point is the instruction manual. Most of the customers complain that it is not clear and concise. It is not suitable for old model cars without home-link repeater.

Real Customer Opinions about b730

The Chamberlain b730 Garage Door Opener is a top of the line, belt driven garage door opening system. Before you purchase, it’s a good idea to see what real life customers have to say about it. While researching this garage door opener review, we found good customer reviews. The majority of the customer reviews were extremely positive, which is always a positive sign for potential customers to see.

A few customers mentioned that the installation, while simple, did take a few hours to complete. Of course, more than a few customers raved about the quiet smooth operation of the b730 Garage Door Opener. One reviewer remarked about problems with the standby power functionality feature, but this appears to be more of an isolated incident than a flaw with the product.

People looking for a quiet, yet powerful garage door opener with all the safety and security extras, will love the Chamberlain b730 Whisper Drive 3/4-Horsepower Garage Door Opener.

The customers are impressed with this product. Most of the customers love one thing about this product and that is the quiet operation. One of the customers comments that this opener is almost silent and another customer says that it is the best ever garage door opener he owned.

Yet another customer is impressed with the amazing power with which it opens his heavy garage door. The 3/4HP motor is powerful enough to open and close any garage door. Most of the customer says that this product is incredible. The customers say that they would recommend this product to everyone.


The fact that this unit is belt driven means that you’ll barely hear a sound when the garage door opens or closes. These two features, plus strong, built in security and the safety sensors, show that Chamberlain thought of all the details and packed in all the features that any garage door owner could want.

Is this product recommended? Yes, it is recommended if you are particular about features like quality, convenience, security and safety. Even if you have an old model car you can install a homelink repeater before installing this product. It is worth the price paid. We hope review of Chamberlain b730 helped you.

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