Chamberlain b550 Garage Door Opener review by real customer

You can tell a lot of things about some products by their name. If you’re looking for a garage door opener that’s quiet and powerful, you should pay close attention to this name – the Chamberlain Group B550 Smartphone Controlled, Ultra-Quiet & Strong 1/2-HP Belt Drive Garage Door Opener. Notice any words there that catch your attention? Whisper. Yes this is a garage door opener system that prides itself on ultra-quiet operation.

Chamberlain b550 review

So, does the Chamberlain b550 Whisper Drive 1/2-HP Belt Drive Garage Door Opener
live up to its name? Read on to find out more.

Is it Really Whisper Quiet?

It would be hard for any garage door opener to really be whisper quiet when lifting a metal door that weighs several hundred pounds, but the Chamberlain b550 does an admirable job. The real “whisper-factor” kicks in when you compare this system to a traditional, chain driven garage door open. This model uses a belt driven system that is much quieter than any chain driven system available. If you’ve dealt with a noisy garage door opener for years, you really will find this unit to be “whisper quiet.”


Powerful Performance

So, now you know that the Chamberlain b550 Whisper Drive 1/2-HP Belt Drive Garage Door Opener is quiet, but that doesn’t mean a whole lot if the motor isn’t up to the task of opening and closing a heavy garage door. Chamberlain hits the mark again when it comes to power. This model features a high-powered, ½ horsepower motor that is strong enough to handle standard garage doors with ease. It uses Lift Power System, which is more powerful and highest lifting capacity compared to the other brand ½ power class.

Like the proverbial “Gentle Giant”, this unit has plenty of power and doesn’t make a lot of noise. That’s a pretty handy one-two punch combo for any garage door opener to possess.


You can control opening and closing of  your garage from anywhere from your smartphone by using myQ App. You also get immediate notification when  your garage door opens, closes or is left open. You can give access Sharing upto three people to control your devices with myQ Guest. This feature is very helpful, when some guest is visiting your home and you are at office.

Far remote range

Another important feature required in garage door operation is range from you can operate remote.  Chamberlain b550 using triband technology, which helps to increase remote range up to 1,500 feet for easy and fast entrance and exit.

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Product Specifications & Features

  • Anti-vibration system and belt drive ensure whisper quiet operation
  • 3-piece rail for quick and easy installation
  • 1/2-horsepower garage door opener
  • Control garage door by smartphone
  • 100 watt max non halogen
  • MED Lifting Power
  • Durable steel construction
  • Includes opener, 2 three-button remotes and a key-less entry pad
  • Lifetime warranty on motor and belt
  • Weighs just 35 pounds

Where Can You Buy the Chamberlain b550 Whisper Drive  Garage Door Opener?

You can buy the b550 Whisper Drive garage door opener from

Customer Reviews

For such a quiet garage door opener, there’s plenty of online noise about it online – in the form of customer reviews. It’s always nice to know what customers have to say about a product, and they have plenty to say about the Chamberlain b550 1/2-HP Belt Drive Garage Door Opener. The overwhelming majority of customer reviews gave this garage door opener the highest rating possible.

Most customers who reviewed this model said that installation was easy, but that it typically took several hours for a full installation. Of course, with the “whisper” being prominent in this product’s name, many customers raved about the quiet operation of this garage door opener – which is to be expected. More than one reviewer called this the best garage door opener around.

Important alert: Like all brands of garage door openers, Chamberlain b550 designed  this for 7 ft. garage doors. If your garage door is 8 ft. or 10 ft., then you have to buy separate extension kits. Another point to keep in mind is, you have to provide battery backup if there are frequent power cuts.


Easy installation

remote ranges up to 1,500 feet

built in Wi Fi and the Chamberlain MyQ App


Designed specifically for 7 ft. garage doors. But this limitation can be over come by extension kits.

No battery backup.


With plenty of positive customer reviews, and a reputation for solid performance, the Chamberlain b550 Whisper Drive 1/2-HP Belt Drive Garage Door Opener comes as a highly recommended garage door opener system.