Garage door opener

Though automatic garage doors offer ease and comfort, they pose a potential problem in providing real security. The weakness lie in the emergency release levers.  Almost inconspicuous, this safety contraption is only noticed when one needs to operate the door manually, like during power outages. Just a pull on the lever opens the door. The same lever can also be accessed outside, if one is locked out, with the use of a clothes hanger. However, this strategy also invites unwanted entries. Luckily, there are some ways to do away with such security risks.

Garage Door Openers And Garage Security

One is by dis-enabling the emergency lever — one is better off without it!  It does more harm than good. Not being able to manually open the garage door from outside is such a small price to pay compared to the benefit of having real security and peace of mind.

Another is by getting rid of the cord attached to the lever. It is more of a security hazard. While it does provide ease in tripping the lever, it is just not worth to have a temptation like that hanging around in full view of a burglar.


Still another way of ensuring security is by creating a  makeshift lock for the safety release lever. Using any anti-snap plastic cable or thin wire, tie the lever and carriage assembly together through their holes. You may need to drill on the carriage assembly if it doesn't have any. The goal is for the lever to strongly resist any tugging done against it using a coat hanger from outside and still be accessible to the owner inside by simply unlocking or cutting it.

Concealing your garage by covering the windows is also an excellent way of providing added security. Without the benefit of sight, burglars would think twice before they strike. But If you would rather have a well-lit garage, then opt for frosted windows instead.

Wireless keypads are also reliable gadgets in securing one's garage. It boasts of being both affordable and user-friendly. Opening the garage is as easy as just typing your chosen code (of course, you need to program the keypad first with it). No more enduring power outages and clothes hanger worries. And you are at ease even with the safety release lever disabled.

Another welcome addition to all these safety innovations are motion sensor lights. Just the presence of a couple of these would surely ward off burglars.

Fortifying your garage door security is an important step into ensuring your safety. But do not forget other equally important basic safety precautions. First, do not scrimp on safety. Make sure that your doors are secured with quality deadbolts. Then, check on your doors before you retire for the night, yes, most specially that  door in the garage. Never entrust your safety entirely on locked garage doors.

And since we are on the topic of locking doors. Make sure too that the doors of your car are locked. Do not leave any inviting stuffs in your car, particularly, your garage door remote. Although some like the idea of  keeping their remote clipped to the visor for safety, there is another way of ensuring that you do not misplace it. Ask your  garage door manufacturer if they issue a handy sized remote that can easily be kept on a key chain.

You might also want to try simply unplugging your garage door opener. No power means no worries of your garage door ever being opened specially during long vacations.

And when all else fail, sometimes you will do well to go back to basics. Look for a hardy lock to manually secure your garage door. With disabling your automatic garage opener, tedious tasks are sure to be present, like having to get off your car, unlocking and lifting the garage door, but if this unwelcome change is what it takes to sleep peacefully at night, then by all means go for it.