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Best power tools brands 2020 -Top 10 tools to buy and own


Power tools are vital in our every day works. These tools help you to complete the work efficiently and quickly. Although there are many tools available in the market, you must choose the Best power tools brands for woodworking to get more life. If you are mechanic, then you need some other power tools. In this post we have covered essential power tools for woodworking, mechanics, for homeowner etc. When some one want to buy tools, they will confuse which brand to choose. You have to know that even though brand is good, the model may not fine to use and may have so many drawbacks. While buying anything check all brands and their models which have good features, reviews, pros, cons, warranty and whether they are in your budget. Read guide on choosing the best toolboxes for woodworking.

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Best power tools brands

Below are the top power tool brands which you should look before you make decision in buying.

  • Bosch
  • Craftsman
  • DeWalt
  • Hitachi
  • Makita
  • Milwaukee
  • Porter-Cable
  • Ryobi
  • Kobalt
  • Ridgid
  • Dremel

Let us look into each tool varieties with a review of the best tool type available in the market today.

Top 10 power tools to buy and own

Air Compressors & Inflators

The air compressors can either be stationery or portable. They can either be jobsite or garage and industrial compressors; jobsite compressors are used widely for crafting projects, building or construction works and garage works and industrial compressors are used for machinery and automotive works. The inflators are used for inflating of tyres, gears, pool accessories and air mattress.

Arbor Presses

It is a hand-operated press which is used for performing small tasks like riveting, stalking, configuring, installing and removing other press and bearings. Based on the types of tasks performed, inserters, punchers and few other tools can be inserted with arbor press. Speaking broadly, arbor presses are much similar to drill presses with limitations on the nature of jobs performed.

Biscuit & Plate joiner

The biscuit joiners are tools used for joining wood pieces during woodworks. Biscuit joiners are make use of circular saw blades for cutting crescent-shaped holes. The dried, oval-shaped and compressed beech or wooden biscuit is applied with glue and the beech is immediately placed at the slots. This is how two wooden pieces are joined together. The glue is wet and thus it enhances the bonding between woods by expanding them.

Combo Kits

Top branded manufacturers like DEWALT, Bosch, Makita and more produce convenient and multi-purpose combo tool kits and they come with various power supplies like 12 V, 18 V and 20 V, varying in features like impact and hammer driver, miter saw, cordless and reciprocating models. These combo kits enable both the professionals and DIY-ers to finish their woodworking tasks within time and at ease. Keep in mind the kinds of accessories, tools and power based on your needs, while choosing a combo kit.

Concrete Tools

The concrete or cement tools are helpful for placing and completing concrete correlate functions. In order to perform smoothening of small slabs, blending small surfaces, and manoeuvring tight areas, there must be a hand-held concrete tool available with you. The concrete tool that you choose must be of super quality as each concrete tool does not differ much in design but they vary in terms of quality.

 Drill Presses

A drill press is a kind of hand drill for controlling orientation and location of holes accurately. The drill presses comprises of a base which provides support for column, which in turn supports the table. The hold down and vise clamps supports the work or the table can easily be adjusted for supporting lengthy works. The lift crank present in the table supports height adjustments. The speed control dial is variable which spins the motor at different speed levels. The cutting tools like centre drills, deburring tools, drill bits, etc are supported by the spindle. The quill is movable up and down along with levers.


The drill tool is usually fitted with a driving or a cutting tool attachment and is helpful for boring holes and fastening varieties of materials. The drill provides an attachment gripped by chucks and they rotate by pressing against the host materials. The most common applications of these drills are metal works, wood works, DIY projects and construction works. There are also certain special purpose drills which are used in space missions, medicine and various other powerful jobs. Drills vary in terms of features like capacity, power, etc.

Dust Collectors & Air Cleaner

Grinding and other shop like applications surely need air filtration systems which are capable of sustaining its air flow with significant rise in air pressure. The dust and rouges collected during grinding and buffing would build up in air filters and also in blowers that result in frequent replacement of these expensive materials. The dust collectors as well as air cleaners would minimize the filter replacement needs if you choose appropriate polishing and grinding filtration systems.

Glue Gun

This tool is mainly designed for intricate, small and adhesive works. A wide variety of adhesive jobs can be easily handled by this tool and the power is compact to handle bonding of materials like plastics, woods, ceramics and glasses. Few of the glue gun tools come with rapid heating systems and built-in LED lighting to provide clear view of work places. The glue guns also comes with many glue sticks and nozzles.


The grinders can either be an angle grinder, disc grinder or side grinder which is a handheld power tool for applications such as polishing and grinding. Initially, these grinder tools were designed for abrasive discs but with the origin of interchangeable power supplies, they are nowadays used with majority of attachments and cutters. The grinder is powered either by a petrol engine, an electric motor or by compressed air.

Impact Drivers

The impact driver provides rigorous, immediate rotational as well as downward forces and is often used for loosening large screws or bolts and nuts which are over-torqued or frozen. Even where the screwdrivers are not capable of providing support, the impact drivers can reverse the direction of screws. The manual impact driver has a heavy sleeve which surrounds the inner core that is splined with it. The impact drivers are capable of translating high rotational inertia of the sleeves to lighter cores for generating large torque.

Impact Wrenches

The impact wrenches are also known as impact guns, impactors, air wrenches, rattle guns, windy guns or torque guns. These are socket wrenched power tools manufactured for delivering large torque so that the user can exert minimum pressure. The high torque is generated by storing energy in rotational masses and then supplying all of a sudden to the exterior shaft. The mostly used power source is compressed air, though hydraulic or electric power sources can also be used. The major uses of impact wrenches are industrial applications, heavy tool maintenance, assembling of products and repairing of equipment where higher torques is needed.


The jointer or jointer-planer or surface planner or buzzer or flat top is woodwork tool for producing flat surfaces along board lengths. The tool mainly operates at narrow edges for making them suitable for gluing and butt joints. The name ‘jointer’ comes from its major functionality of making flat edges on the boards before joining them for producing wide boards. The primary purpose of jointers are making of hand planes and jointer planes.


Lathe tool is mainly used to shape metal pieces and at times wood or even other materials by holding and rotating the work pieces. The tool bit is highly advanced that does the working of cutting easily. Few modifications are done to the basic lathe type that was used for cutting cylindrical metal stocks for producing screw threads, drilled holes, tapered works, crankshafts and knurled surfaces. The lathes of today offer variable speeds of rotation and also the mechanism for moving cutting tools, automatically and manually. Maintenance personnel and machinists must make themselves familiar with lathes and the various operations for fabrication and repair of necessary parts.

Milling Machines

The milling machines are the tools manufactured for machining woods, metals and solid materials of other kinds. The milling machine can be kept either in horizontal or vertical position for carving materials depending on pre-defined designs. The various types of milling machines are:

  1. Knee-type milling machine
  2. Ram-type milling machine
  3. Universal ram-type milling machine

Nailers & Staplers

Out of the fastening tools available in the market today, nailers and staplers are most liked by majority of hobbyists and professional woodworkers. The persons involved in renovation works, cabinet making and carpentry works along with DIY-ers are much interested in framing and finish nailers for their works. Though the pneumatic staplers are not that popular, they act as a useful accessory mainly for sheet and upholstery goods. These tools had gained reputations as long-lasting tools when compared to cordless or electric tools and they have lesser movable parts, never heat up and very rarely vibrate.

Oscillating Tools

The oscillating tools work using side movements and the oscillation is light as to a maximum of just 3 degrees but very fast of about 20,000 strokes in a minute which looks better like vibrations. The oscillating blade, scrapers and also sanding pads make the oscillating tools work. This can proudly be considered as the most versatile of power tools ever invented. The other features of this tool are accessories for cutting, sanding, polishing and grinding and these accessories are easily interchangeable.


Planer is a broader term used for varieties of woodworking tools, carpentry machines or metalworking tools. The varieties of planers are:

Plane tool: that produces flat surfaces by shaving wood

Thickness planer or thicknesser: the tool for evening the wood surfaces

Metalworking Planer: the metalworking tool possessing the reciprocating work table along with cutting tool (stationery)

Jointer or planer: the woodworking tool for producing flat and straight edges

Power Actuated tool

The power-actuated machine tool or ‘Ramset gun’ or ‘Hilti gun’ is a kind of nail gun mainly used in manufacturing and construction for joining materials to steels or concretes. This tool relies on ‘direct fastening’ technology which provides controlled explosions created by the tiny chemical propellant charges, more similar to firearm discharge. Power-actuated machine tool comes with high and low velocities.

Regenerative Blower

The regenerative blower is mainly used for industrial purpose. This tool has parallel inlet and the outlet units that are positioned in a perpendicular direction to one another. The pressure produced by this tool is sufficient enough for overcoming air flow constraint in the processing system. For example: the air flow from larger to smaller cross sections are constricted by the pressure developed by these regenerative blowers.

Rotary Tools

This tool is a power tool of hand-held type with rotary tips for accepting wide range of attachments suitable for different jobs. The high operational speed, versatility and compact size are few attractive features of rotary tool which makes it a best alternative to large, heavy weighted power tools. The sanding drums are fitted for carving and sanding applications but precaution must be taken for setting the tool’s speed to medium if you are using sanding drums. If you wish adding more shine to metal or wood surfaces, polishing bits can be added in addition. For etching or carving tasks, carbide bits shall be attached to the tool. For rust removal applications, wire wheels shall be attached to the tool by adjusting the tool’s speed at maximum.


This is a power tool or hand tool used by workers for routing areas of hard materials such as woods and plastic. These tools are widely used in woodworking, mainly for cabinetry. The tools are mainly used for fastening or cutting tasks. The original form is hand tool and the specialized type is called as ‘hand plane’ having broad base and narrow blades. The most recent type is electric driven spindle type. The hand tool model is called as ‘router plane’ which still offers basic advantages over power tools.

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Sand Blasters

The sand blasters are primarily used for cleaning and abrading material surfaces like metals, paint, rust or any other unwanted materials sticking to the surface of materials. The air-powered gun creates a pressure that fires sand at very high velocities for cleaning the intended material surfaces. The pressure-generating guns are present in all sand blasters, having interior coating or ceramic barrels which protects sand from erosion over a period of time.


This power tool is mainly useful for smoothening surfaces through abrasion using sand papers. There exists different mechanisms for attaching sandpapers to surfaces and for moving them rapidly. The sandpapers can either be fixed stationery to material surface or moved with hand. The sanders used for woodworks are powered by electric motors. Depending on the purposes, the types of sanders also varies. The power tools for general purposes and electric drills possess in-built attachments for sanders.


This tool consists of a wire, tough blade and chain with rigged tooth edges. Saws are best suited for cutting through materials, mainly woods, metals or stones. The toothed edges are placed against materials and moved rigorously forward and backward for making cuts. The force can either be exerted by steam, hand, electricity, water, or any other power sources. For making cuts through ceramics or metals, circular blade designs come with the saw tools.Do not forgot to read article on choosing the best all purpose power saws.

There are many types of saws are available in market. Based on type of woodworking activities, you have to buy specific one. Some of them are

Miter saw

Table saw

Circular saw

Reciprocating saw etc.

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We hope this article helped you to know essential power tools required for your woodworking, construction, Do it yourself ( DIY ) projects. Above are the list of top rated power tool brands worth to buy.