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​​​Welcome to protoolzguide. 

I am Kate working in construction field from many years. I and my team used almost all tools of different brands for our work. We know which tool is better for certain type of work and had huge experience in using all tools.

 ​I have established this website to share my knowledge and expertise to all of you by posting reviews of different tools with Pros and Cons. You can also find articles of Best tools in the market that are worth buying. ​You will find comparisons, buying guides and reviews of top brands with video. Our tool buying guides are written after researching and testing number of product brands which will be useful for handymen & DIY ​enthusiasts.

Are you looking for the best power tools to add to your tool box? I would assume your answer is yes, now that you are reading this post. It is easier to know which power tools are missing from your tool box but things become much more difficult when you set out to purchase such tools. This is because of the seemingly limitless brands available in the market with each claiming to be the best. You can read this guide to get idea on choosing best tool box for the money.

Power tools can be divided into two categories, portable and stationary. Sometimes portable power tools can also be considered as being stationary, i.e. routers-when mounted to a router table, some small table saws and portable planers.


​Power saws

A saw is defined as a tool that is used for cutting wood or other material. It has a blade with a toothed edge and it can be operated by hand, electricity, steam, or water power.

There are many types of saws all designed to do a specific job. There are power saws and there are hand saws. What type of saw you choose to use will depend on what you are trying to accomplish. Check article on multipurpose saws.

  • Miter saw
  • Table saw

​A chainsaw is a mechanical saw which has a rotating chain with teeth attached that runs along a guide bar. It is used in many ​works like tree felling, limbing, bucking, pruning, cutting firebreaks. It is portable and ​runs on gas or electricity or battery. If you are planning to buy, then check Best battery powered and Best gas powered chainsaw for the money

​Leaf Blower

leaf blower

​​The leaf blower helps in collecting dried leaves and grass quickly and lawn trimmings on your yard. ​It is a must have tool, if you have interest in gardening or home improvement activities. If you are thinking to buy leaf blower tool, then read this guide in choosing ​Top gas leaf blower Brands

An important thing to bear in mind when considering tool purchases is quality. There is a lot of junk in the marketplace. Stick with name brands. These companies have a quality reputation built up over the years. They also have local repair facilities for warranty and after warranty service should the need arise. Secondly, they offer many accessories and replacement parts for use with there own line of tools (try finding a NiCad battery for that off brand cordless drill at Home Depot or Lowe’s).

Best tools

Tools are really important for any work from homeowner, mechanic, construction job site engineer etc. Tools are mainly categorized into two types. They are

  1. Power tools
  2. Hand tools

Another important type which work on battery power are cordless tools.

Best tools Brand

There are many brands available in market who are making decent tools. Some of them are given below.

  1. Dewalt
  2. Makita
  3. Hitachi
  4. Bosch
  5. Black & decker

What are the must have essential tools for homeowners?

Below are the some of the tools every man should have in his garage are listed below. You can check comparison of dewalt miter saw at dws779 vs dws780.

Here are a several recommended brands:

  • Delta Woodworking
  • Milwaukee Electric Tools
  • Hitachi Power Tools
  • Makita Power Tools

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